Aaron Carter Blames Dina Lohan for Lindsay’s Troubles

Lindsay Lohan, Aaron Carter (Photo: Jae C. Hong/AP/John M. Heller/Getty Images)

Lindsay Lohan, Aaron Carter (Photo: Jae C. Hong/AP/John M. Heller/Getty Images)

In the wake of Lindsay Lohan’s sentencing Monday, old-time friend and one-time boyfriend Aaron Carter is speaking out with some “words of wisdom” and a somewhat shocking take on the Lohan clan.

“I have words of wisdom, I think,” Carter told Fancast backstage at ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Monday night.

“It’s a very difficult subject because I’ve known her for half of my life, since I was 11-years-old,” Carter says. “That’s not the Lindsay I know. It’s a completely new Lindsay. And it’s because of Hollywood, the enablers, the people around her, her mother.”

Carter believes Dina Lohan is part of the problem, and the lack of a father is the other part. “What happened to the Lohans, is Michael,” continues Carter. “Michael was the best thing that family had. Michael Lohan, he kept her out of the clubs. He kept her living in Long Island. When she moved out here to California, that’s when everything came crashing down.”

So, let’s get this straight – Michael is the better parent over Dina? “Absolutely. Michael Lohan is a much better parent and I know that for a fact.”

As for those words of wisdom, Carter says, “Enjoy your sentencing. I think that people need to recognize that when a normal person, like somebody sitting in Michigan that works 9 to 5, looks at this, and sees if she gets away with it, they go, ‘That’s not fair. That’s not fair.’ … Somebody [needed] to just be like, ‘This is what’s going to happen’ and that judge did that.”

Carter believes the troubled star needs to get out of Hollywood for a little while and have someone, like her father, step in and take over, like Britney Spears’ father did.

“I think she needs to get her ass out of LA and get back to Long Island, and literally someone, like happened with me, should step in and say, ‘I’m taking all of these people out of your life and this is what you’re going to do,'” Carter explains. “But there’s no parent capable of doing that except for Michael Lohan,” Carter adds. “And, I know people have different beliefs, but I was there.”

Meanwhile, Aaron’s new single, “Planet Rock,” is out now. “It’s kind of a sexual song,” he says, adding that he had Britney Spears in mind when he wrote it. “It’s an ode to Britney.”

Lohan failed to complete her court-ordered alcohol classes and missed a court appearance last week, claiming someone “stole her passport” (she was seen attending the Cannes film festival in France). On Monday, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge sentenced Lohan to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, random weekly drug testing and banned her from any drug or alcohol use.

What do you make of Aaron Carter’s comments about his friend Lindsay Lohan?

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