‘Dancing with the Stars’ Winner Revealed

Nicole Scherzinger  Wins 'DWTS' (Photo:ABC)

Nicole Scherzinger Wins 'DWTS' (Photo:ABC)

We have a new champion!

We knew it.

They knew it.

America knew it.

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough are the winners of Season 10 of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

As expected, the odds-on favorite all season was the Pussycat Doll and her hunky partner, who were over the moon to take home that coveted mirror ball trophy on Tuesday night’s season finale. From their perfect score in the favorite dance round, where all three twirled to the Argentine Tango, to their “Proud Mary” Jive, Nicole and Derek were sheer perfection and made for a very exciting season finale.

What does Nicole plan to do with her disco ball trophy? “I’m giving it to my mom because she’s the reason I did the show,” she told us and a pack of reporters after the show.

“I’m so proud of everything we accomplished this season. It’s been phenomenal. And to see this little girl here just killing it, amazing. I’m so happy,” said Derek. When asked about how she’s been the frontrunner all season, Nicole said, “That’s the reason I was more nervous because people were like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re a shoo in.’ We were like, ‘No don’t say that. Don’t jinx it!’ Seriously!”

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While Nicole and Derek made us tickled pink over their performances, the night was not just about them. Kate Gosselin freaked us out with her opening number weirdness and hilariously awful “Paparazzi” repeat, Jake Pavelka’s fiancée Vienna Girardi proved she can dance (sort of), Pamela Anderson crawled over some men, and much, much more.

“This is the most fantastic season, the highest standard I have ever know,” judge Len Goodman said. I couldn’t agree more.

So without further adieu, here is the lowdown from the season 10 final showdown…


The Favorite Dance Round

For the first time in the show’s ten seasons, all three finalists have chosen the same dance as their favorite from the season for this round, and that’s the Argentine Tango.

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough
“You all better watch out,” Nicole warned in rehearsals. Watch? My eyes were GLUED. You truly forget which one is the pro and which is the celebrity. They are both perfection, and the judges agreed. “This had intensity. It had passion. It had artistry,” said Len Goodman. “I’m happy to see that the magic continues – rich, luscious, absolutely devastating intensity,” said Bruno Tonioli. “Each step, each move, each lift is like a beautiful masterpiece come to life,” said Carrie Ann Inaba. Post-win, Nicole revealed this to us: “After we finished the Argentine Tango and we went backstage and we were like it doesn’t even matter anymore and we were just crying because of all the hard work and everything that we put into it…This is what winning really is.”
Score: 30

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya
A question: Once everyone found out they picked the same dance for this round, why the heck didn’t one or two of them change it? I mean do you really want to go up against Nicole and Derek in the same dance? Didn’t seem a wise decision to me for Evan or Erin. That said, Evan and Anna nailed the dance, but didn’t quite have the same chemistry as Nicole and Derek. “Strong, powerful, a hint of menace… slick and stylish,” said Bruno. “It was perfect,” said Carrie Ann. “You just did a fantastic job,” said Len.
Score: 28

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Erin’s rehearsal snippiness really got old to me. Enough of the bitching, already. “I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m beat up. I’m finished,” said Maks in rehearsals, to which co-host Tom Bergeron joked that he gives that relationship until the end of the show. LOL. Erin’s face at the intro of the dance make me LOL too. Hated it. Sorry! She did have me at the jump, though. Well done. “From that lift on you were in another zone,” said Carrie Ann [not the end zone, unfortunately for her!]. “You’re in this final on merit…You have come the furthest from the beginning,” said Len. “You sexy, sophisticated, man trap!” squealed Bruno. Eh, we say.

Erin and Maks Take Third Place

The couple with the lowest combined total was Erin and Maks. I’m a happy camper. “I knew that these two would come head to head… I came here in really crumby circumstances…And I just wanted to get my smile back… This one [Maks] has put my life back together,” said the ESPN star. My favorite moment of this segment? When co-host Brooke Burke said to Erin that she knows how she feels. Uh, no you don’t Brooke. You won your season. Remember? Can you say dingbat?

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The Final Dance

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough, Dance: Jive
Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” was such a good choice. The gold fringed mini-dress, even better choice. “There can only be one winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ It should be you,” said Len before Evan even danced. Wow. “You are so incredible…You set this place on fire. It has been nothing but amazing,” said Carrie Ann. Len was overjoyed as well. And, uh, did Brooke accidentally grab Nicole’s boob in the post-dance interview? After the show, Nicole told us that she “started to cry” after Len’s comments for her Jive. “That was amazing,” she said.
Score: 30

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya, Dance: Quick Step
Graceful, beautiful, and technically lovely. Unfortunately for me, it just wasn’t as exciting as Nicole and Derek’s final romp. “Your performance level has enhanced incredibly,” said Bruno. “You have won the hearts of not only myself, but I think everyone here,” said Carrie Ann. Len closed with, “You have truly been a joy to watch.”
Score: 28


The Opening Number: Kate’s Freeze Frame

The show kicked off with a group dance to the Pointer Sisters’ “I’m so Excited” with all previous contestants hitting the dance floor. The big standout: Kate Gosselin’s awkward weirdness as she just kind of, uh, stood there frozen at the close of that number next to partner Tony Dovolani. Talk about a deer in headlights! Now, that’s what I’ve been missing since her departure.

Buzz Aldrin’s OMG Moment

Buzz Aldrin lied to us. We asked him earlier in the season if we’d perhaps see him in a space suit this season and he said no. But lo and behold he came out in a silver sparkly “flight suit from the NASA Liberace collection” (that’s Tom Bergeron’s wonderful wit there, by the way) that made me love him even more.

Jake & Vienna’s Viennese Waltz

Best thing overheard from my seat at the start of their dance: “Get your barf bag ready.” Gotta say, I agree. I don’t like this couple and the dance lacked the chemistry two people should have when they’re supposedly madly in love. I’m just saying. L-o-v-e love Tom for reminding us how Jake and Chelsie Hightower – who also danced – didn’t get along. That was an understatement. Remember when she admitted to Fancast in an interview earlier this season that she didn’t even vote for Jake! Ouch!

“My hands were sweating. I was so nervous,” Vienna told reporters after the show.

The Most Talked About Dance

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani’s “Paparrazzi” Paso Doble was hands down the worst of the season. And guess what? We got to see it again! And I will personally be hitting rewind on my TiVo over and over and over for weeks to come. Watching baaaddddd is just so much fun. It was just as bad as before and all too brief. The added “I Will Survive” had me believing she’s now being bad on purpose for the laugh. Okay, she got me there. What was up with the ending stance up above the stage? Tom was cracking up as much as I was.

The Jiggly Bits

Pamela Anderson sexed it up coming down from the ceiling on a round swing and then crawling over her male counterparts on the floor, while Niecy Nash rocked her jiggly bits to Beyonce’s “Bootylicious.” Highlights of the night, for sure. When Brooke asked Pamela how she liked dancing without being judged, the blonde bombshell quipped, “I like being judged.” Zing!

Anderson told us backstage that she really enjoyed rolling around on the floor with the men tonight because … “it’s been a while!”

Are you happy with the final results? Did the right couple win? Discuss below!

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