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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show, from summer or fall? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

Question about the ‘Lost’ finale: I thought we were supposed to see Walt one last time? Did something change? – Craig
You perhaps got wind of what ‘Lost’ boss Carlton Cuse said at last week’s Times Talk Live event: “You will actually see Malcolm [David Kelley], when all is said and done.” But he wasn’t necessarily referring to the series finale that was broadcast on Sunday. So yes, they did find a way to reintroduce (a grown) Walt, but you’ll have to wait for the Season 6 DVD extras.

My friends and I are debating the significance of the wreckage shown during the ‘Lost’ finale’s closing credits. Was that the plane Lapidus was flying everyone off the island on? Or was that Oceanic 815, meaning everyone died in the original crash? – Leah
It was C) Not quite any of the above. While many have sought to read something into the serene image of the Oceanic 815 wreckage, sources assure me that coda was chosen strictly to serve as a “buffer” between the finale’s mind-bending final act and the local newscast to come.

Ratings: ‘Lost’ Ends On a High-ish Note

Us Quickers are dying over here. Do we have anything on ‘Glee’ to look forward to? Is Puck going to make it to his baby’s birth?! – Jessica
Will Puck be on hand for his kid’s birth? Are dolphins gay sharks? As the non-elected president of the entirely unofficial Dianna Agron fan club, I asked around and confirmed with a source that yes, Quinn’s baby daddy will be present for the momentous moment. Now, who would like to hear him sing “With Arms Wide Open”?

Will ‘Life Unexpected’s Baze get a new love interest now that Cate and Ryan are married? – Shukri
Now that Baze’s ‘Graduate’ moment has come up empty, “There are new love interests coming down the pike,” Kristoffer Polaha tells me. (Yes, he said interests, plural.) “He’s going to respect the institution of marriage… and form a friendship with Cate, versus being adversaries like they are now.”

Does the new CW schedule mean that both ‘Life Unexpected’ and ‘One Tree Hill’ got full-season orders? – fatherdowling via Twitter
Nope. CW entertainment chief Dawn Ostroff wouldn’t specify the episode count for each, but indicated they are likely starting off with 12 or 13, then seeing how the ratings fare.

Exclusive: ‘White Collar’ Nabs ‘Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton

Do you have any scoop on the ‘CSI: NY’ finale? – judy1987 via Twitter
Oh yes – and it’s all coming in a bigger story posting on Fancast Wednesday morning. But here’s a taste: Carmine Giovinazzo says that fans who have lamented the amount of Danny/Lindsay closeness this season “are going to get it big-time” when sicko serial slayer Shane Casey targets the marrieds and li’l Lucy. As Shane’s vendetta brings the season to a spine-tingling close, Carmine warns, “You’re going to be going, ‘Well f–k. Seriously?!”

Any new on the negotiations with the last three ‘NCIS’ cast members? – Lillie Ray
You mean, since last week when I reported that talks were moving in a “very good direction”? Alas, there are no new developments. Yet.

How long do we have to wait for ‘V’s return? I’m already going through withdrawal! – KimLVHart via Twitter
Although ‘V’ didn’t score a slot on ABC’s fall schedule, I’m hearing that Season 2 could premiere as soon as November. One scenario has it airing after ‘No Ordinary Family’ Tuesdays at 9/8c, once ‘Dancing with the Stars’ winds down.

Do you have any good ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ news for me, like, oh I don’t know, that Teddy won’t be back next season? – MarryMeOwen via Twitter
That Teddy keeps dodging bullets. Even though I found Shonda Rhimes’ après-finale blog to be conspicuously light on ruminations about Dr. Altman, sources tell me that Kim Raver is a lock to return this fall as s series regular – though the Cristina/Owen/Teddy triangle is, thankfully, kaput.

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Just out of curiosity, which new summer show are you most looking forward to? – Jan
There seems to be a flurry of new fare coming this summer – from Syfy’s ‘Haven’ to TV Land’s ‘Hot In Cleveland’ and ABC’s ‘The Gates.’ One that I expect to get hooked on is USA’s ‘Covert Affairs,’ if only because 1) I love spy dramas and 2) I’m curious to see Christopher Gorham play a sightless CIA agent. Will he go to school on Melissa Sue Anderson?

Got anything interesting on the new season of ‘Leverage’ to share with Nate/Sophie fans? – Maya
The July 20 season premiere – in which the gang has to steal no less than prison inmate Nate! – is lots of fun, with a recurring bit centered on the fact that Nate has not been made privy to Sophie’s real name. And that flirty minx isn’t about to make it easy for him to find out!

I need some great news about ‘Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair. The finale was so sad for them. – Fernanda
I don’t know if this is great per se, but it’s certainly hopeful: The CW’s surprisingly spoilery fall press release says that as Blair and Serena cavort in Paris, “Chuck mysteriously arrives in town with a new girlfriend and a new identity. Blair swore off Chuck forever but will this changed man woo Blair into having a change of heart?” My only quibble: Paris is a town?

Will you be able to tell us what you think is worth watching this fall? – Alicia_Marie76 via Twitter
I haven’t finished reviewing all of the pilots, so I’ll just rattle a few names off my “looks good” list, one for each network: ‘Hawaii Five-O’ (CBS), ‘Undercovers’ (NBC), ‘Lonestar’ (Fox), ‘Better Together’ (ABC) and ‘Hellcats’ (The CW).

‘Lost,’ ‘Heroes’ and ‘FlashForward’ are all gone or going, and nerds like me everywhere are dying. Is there anything coming up that might save us? – ozumablank via Twitter
Surely you’ve given ‘Fringe’ a spin by now – and if you haven’t, catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 pronto, brother! As for promising newcomers, both NBC’s ‘The Event’ (airings Mondays at 9 this fall) and ‘The Cape’ (midseason) have potential to sate your hunger for the far-out.

How will ‘90210’s hit-and-run storyline be wrapped up? – Susan
The question may not be how so much as when. I asked Tristan Wilds for the scoop on his “sister” Annie finally shaking this albatross, and he said, “I don’t know how soon it will come to a close…. It’s very smart how they have kept that story going.” Tristan at least joins me in wanting that Jasper dude gone, and quick, agreeing, “He’s too weasely!”.

Will Lois finally knowing Clark’s secret stick? And will this be advertised as ‘Smallville’s last season? – Dee
Hopefully, and definitely. Seemingly as exasperated as fans have been with Lois’ close calls, Tom Welling said, “I hope she doesn’t, like, bump her head and forget. That’d be too easy.” CW boss Dawn Ostroff, meanwhile, confirmed for me that yes, Season 10 will be promoted as the show’s final hurrah. Read more here.

Could you please update us on the status of ‘Warehouse 13’? – Joyce
‘Warehouse 13’ will kick off its second season on July 6, and feature such guest stars as Lindsay Wagner (‘The Bionic Woman’) and Tia Carrere (‘Wayne’s World’). You can also expect a crossover episode with ‘Eureka’ when Claudia Donovan and Douglas Fargo visit each other’s quirky orbits the week of August 1.

What happened to ‘Numb3rs’? This is (was?) my favorite series. If it got canceled, why? – Charlie
Oh, Charlie – it’s always about the numbers. You know that.

What’s happening with ’24’? I hope there aren’t plans to cancel the most action-oriented show on TV today. – Dick
This is awkward….

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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