‘Family Guy’ Hopes Emmys Realize How ‘Precious’ It Is

'Family Guy' Takes on 'Precious'

'Family Guy' Takes on 'Precious'

Well, isn’t this precious? Just when you thought ‘Family Guy’ couldn’t get any racier…

In its annual Emmy campaign, ‘Family Guy‘ does a send up of the bleak Oscar-nominated film ‘Precious,’ about an abused, overweight African American teen impregnated by her father.

‘Family’ dad Peter Griffin is the poster boy for the controversial show this year, (last year’s clever campaign featured Stewie as President Obama demanding Emmy Voters ‘Vote for Change!’).

The Emmy mailer takes the gag a step further–as ‘Family Guy’ is known to do–by including a list of those brilliantly sordid minds that bring us those hilarious, outrageous stories each week, presented in a ‘Celebrating Diversity’ theme: “Family Guy: written by 8 WASPS, 6 Jews, 2 Asians and 1 Gay,” according to Deadline.com.

Watch Full Episodes of ‘FAMILY GUY’

The hit Fox sitcom received its first-ever Best Comedy Series Emmy nomination last year, the first for an animated show since 1961. Which show had the honor back then? ‘The Flintstones.’

Get your nostalgia on and watch free episodes of ‘The Flintstones’ here.

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