Sly Stallone and Kurt Russell Gearing Up For ‘Tango & Cash’ Sequel?

Sylvester Stallone has made a sixth Rocky and a fourth Rambo, and he’s not done mining his action-star heyday for sequel possibilities just yet. Now there’s talk that both he and Kurt Russell are keen on making a sequel to the action-comedy Tango & Cash, wherein the two played competitive L.A. narcotics cops who get framed for murder by Jack Palance and have to team up to clear their names. Stallone was Ray Tango, a well-dressed financial wizard, Russell was Gabe Cash, the scuzzy-looking wild man, and Teri Hatcher played Ray’s beautiful big-haired exotic-dancer sister, and chances are she could be convinced to come back, too.

Sadly, Palance has passed away, so there’s no chance his crimelord character could come back from the dead and eat their brains or anything. But apparently Sly wants to check in with these characters as older guys and see how their chemistry holds up. The original was a fun buddy-cop romp, so maybe they could come up with something just as fun for another go-around. We’ll see how Stallone’s much-anticipated The Expendables turns out first.

Check out the trailer for Tango & Cash and remind yourself what you did or didn’t miss about this movie.

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