Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Her Unlucky Love Streak on ‘The View’

Jennifer Love Hewitt on 'The View' (Photo: ABC)

Jennifer Love Hewitt on 'The View' (Photo: ABC)

Her body may be a “wonderland” as her ex John Mayer referred to in his hit song, but Jennifer Love Hewitt still knows what it’s like to be cheated on and have her heartbroken.

Hewitt, who was engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall before breaking it off last year, revealed on ‘The View’ that she had been blindsided when she discovered her boyfriend of two years had been cheating on her.

The ‘Ghost Whisperer‘ actress, who endured her most recent break-up with costar Jamie Kennedy mere months ago, admits that she even went as far as to look through his e-mails for clues of his infidelity.

“I was really curious to know,” she says when explaining her behavior. Hewitt grew suspicious when he started exhibiting a refreshed interest in his appearance and was going to the gym more frequently. She discusses the issue in further detail in her upcoming book, ‘The Day I Shot Cupid.’

Don’t feel sorry for the girl whose second name is ‘Love,’ though. Hewitt takes it all in stride, and is actually grateful that she discovered his philandering ways so that she didn’t waste more time in the relationship. These days, Hewitt is rumored to be dating Jenny McCarthy’s ex-husband, John Asher.

She’ll have a lot more free time now that her CBS drama ‘Ghost Whisperer’ has been canceled.

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First Elin, then Sandra, and now J.Love. Why are America’s sweethearts so unlucky in love?

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