‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Looks Unlikely, Says Producer

Kristen Bell as TV's 'Veronica Mars' (UPN)

Kristen Bell as TV's 'Veronica Mars' (UPN)

Veronica Mars‘ big-screen dreams have been largely dashed by executive producer Joel Silver, who says that no one in a position to greenlight a feature-film follow-up to the UPN series can find cause to roll the dice.

“I love Kristen [Bell] and I’d love to do it,” Silver tells MTV News. “[But] there’s nobody who wants to make it happen.”

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Silver says that any prospect for a ‘Mars’ landing in the Cineplex was reliant on the type of home-video sales it ultimately would generate. Number crunchers at Warner Home Video did that thing they do, only to confirm that the ‘VM’ series (which ran from 2004 to 2007) never was a strong seller back in the day.

That data effectively benched series creator Rob Thomas’ big-screen pitch and outline.

Thomas indicated as much in a recent EW.com story, saying that Warner Bros. “did one of their brand-awareness surveys and [concluded], ‘We don’t know if we can make money with that.’ So it’s been back-burnered.

“But I still want to do it,” he added.

As does leading lady Kristen Bell. “[Warner Bros. is] a company and they want to know that they’ll make their [money] back,” she told E! Online in April. “We just have to convince them that they will.”

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Silver though is skeptical that the necessary mass of fans will ever materialize.

“Look, [‘Veronica Mars’] would still be on the air if the audience wanted to see the movie, wanted to see the show,” he notes. “It just didn’t happen.”

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