Deep Soap: How to Write the ‘Soapdish’ Remake

Soapdish (Paramount)

Soapdish (Paramount)

Will There Be A Soapdish Remake?

The greatest behind-the-scenes of a soap story ever, the 1991 movie ‘Soapdish‘, may be remade by famed comedy director Rob Reiner.  If you have not seen this hilarious film, you can watch it right here on Fancast.  The all-star cast includes Kevin Kline, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robert Downey Jr., but the movie belongs to Sally Field, playing a character who is clearly based on Susan Lucci.   My first reaction: why are they remaking something that was perfect the way it was?  Then I remembered that right now the film industry is doing nothing but remakes and “brand extensions.”  I would much rather have another ‘Soapdish’ than a movie based on the View Master toy and Candy Land. Yes, those are actual projects in development.

My second reaction was to wonder if there is any way I can persuade Rob Reiner to hire me to write it.  The first ‘Soapdish’ was produced by Aaron Spelling, who had a deep understanding of the soap genre. Apparently, Rob Reiner wants to set his ‘Soapdish’ behind the scenes of a telenovela.   That could be funny, but it sounds like a completely different movie.  If I had a pitch meeting with Reiner, I would tell him that just as the 1991 film nailed the glamorous excess of daytime towards the end of its golden era, the Soapdish of 2010 should skewer current daytime.  The script would feature the show’s biggest stars fighting with the producers about pay cuts, actors who take advantage of the lack of reshoots to change the dialogue, threats of cancellation, actors who use pseudonyms to go online and argue with fans, network notes meetings that drag on for hours, and the terror of waiting for the ratings on Thursday morning.   Throw in a movie star who has decided to do a short term role for publicity, a mandate to make the show more youthful, and a scene where two actors are forced to do an embarrassing product placement, and you have yourself a darkly comic masterpiece.   Call me, Rob Reiner.

The whole  film is embedded below. If you prefer to watch a full screen version, click here.

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