So, What Did This Past TV Season Teach You?

Forever racing against time, '24's Jack refused to be clock-blocked when he and Renee had a moment. (Fox)

Forever racing against time, '24's Jack refused to be clock-blocked when he and Renee had a moment. (Fox)

Television isn’t necessarily a passive experience. Rather, oftentimes we are ripe to learn things from our time deposited in front of the tube.

For example, if for whatever reason I ever need to stall a wedding ceremony, I have learned never to enlist Liz Lemon for the task, lest I subject my guests to an ear-bleeding and downright incorrect rendition of “There Is Love.” NBC’s ’30 Rock’ taught me that as I watched the season finale (find the full episode here).

A few other lessons gleaned from the TV season gone by:

♦ If I ever get to thinking that cheerleading (or basically any other high school-related activity) is hard, a woman named Sue Sylvester will be quick to correct my thinking. (‘Glee‘ | Watch Full Episodes)

♦ Staffing a suicide prevention hotline? Dr. Richard Webber is probably not the first person you want to recruit. (‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ | Watch Full Episodes)

♦ Unplugging and then plugging back in a candy machine creates electricity. Oh yes it does. (‘Lost‘ | Watch Full Episodes)

♦ The only thing sexier than Anna Torv is a redheaded, cargo pants-wearing Anna Torv. (‘Fringe‘ | Watch Full Episodes)

♦ If and when he can make time for lovemaking, Jack Bauer can go for at least two commercial breaks. (‘24‘ | Watch Full Episodes)

♦ Your typical airport apparently has tougher security than the Visitors’ mother ship. (‘V‘ | Watch Full Episodes)

♦ Granting Dr. Allison Cameron a divorce is not without its, um, perks. (‘House‘ | Watch Full Episodes)

♦ A man walking briskly in a pilot’s uniform can pretty much get in anywhere – even the Obamas’ bedroom. (‘30 Rock‘)

♦ “Prevening” is the time between afternoon and evening. (‘The Big Bang Theory‘)

♦ Clark Kent gets super-handsy on elevator rides. (‘Smallville‘ | Watch Full Episodes)

♦ The only thing than more unsettling than flashing forward to your life six months down the road is losing your ‘FlashForward‘ six months down the road. (Watch Full Episodes)

♦ When Ron Swanson’s office books time for you, be sure to compare the date to a proper calendar. (‘Parks and Recreation‘ | Watch Full Episodes)

That’s just a small sampling of the things I learned this past TV season. In the Comments section below, share what your favorite show showed you!

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