The Big Tease: Scoop On ‘Lie To Me,’ ‘Psych’ and More

'Lie to Me's Tim Roth, 'Psych's James Roday and 'One Tree Hill's Robert Buckley (Fox/USA/The CW)

'Lie to Me's Tim Roth, 'Psych's James Roday and 'One Tree Hill's Robert Buckley (Fox/USA/The CW)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show, from summer or fall? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

One, you do an excellent job scooping ‘Lie to Me‘. Two, how about some more info on Cal’s visit to “the loony bin”? – MadIsMyLife via Twitter
At your bequest, I asked exec producer Shawn Ryan about that sure-to-entertain episode, titled “Pied Piper” and airing August 16. He said, “That is during our very special ‘Shield’ reunion,” in which a half dozen cast members from Ryan’s acclaimed series pop up on ‘Lie to Me.’ “For a good reason – he has his motivations – Cal checks himself into a psych ward, and maybe fits in a little too well.”

‘Lie to Me’ Hosts Reunion of ‘Shield’ Stars

Can we expect more moments of “closeness” between ‘Lie to Me’s Cal and Gillian? – sab_the_cat via Twitter
My answer is a qualified yes. A while back, I told you how the 12 new episodes kicking off June 7 include a flashback to when Lightman and Foster first met, back at the Pentagon. That hour, Shawn Ryan says, will shed light on the duo’s dynamic, though he stops short of putting them in that “Will they/won’t they” hole: “I don’t necessarily want to label it romance, but their relationship deepens in a way that I think the audience will find satisfying.”

The ‘Psych‘ season finale has been bothering me ever since I watched it. The very last scene, where we see the invisible man take off his hat and look at a picture of young Shawn and Yang together, suggested – at least to me – that Yin is actually Shawn. But that doesn’t add up. Any insight on that before the next season premieres? – Leann
I ran your theory by no less than series creator Steve Franks, and here’s what he said: “Since the episode aired, I have been bombarded with theories about what that last shot meant. I have to admit that yours, by far, is the most ambitious. However, I don’t think even our imaginations extend that far. (Or do they?) I can say with certainty that Shawn is not Yin, but can’t say any more than that.” That’s something to chew on until ‘Psych’ returns July 14!

Will ‘One Tree Hill‘s Clay survive his gunshot wound? – Sara via Facebook
“I’m hoping so!” Robert Buckley said when I brought your question to him. “I’m going to go with that until they tell me otherwise.” (After all, the actor was single-handedly stumping for ‘Tree Hill’ at The CW’s upfront event. That’s gotta earn him brownie points, right?) Buckley said that when he first read the finale script, his reaction was, “‘Did I do something wrong? Am I being fired?’ They said no, so I asked, ‘Can I get in shot in the face and wear an eye patch?’ But they vetoed that” – much to his females fans’ approval, I must assume.

Hot Video: It’s a ‘Royal Pains’ Rap With ‘The Fonz’

Will ‘Royal Pains‘ Hank and Jill really get together this season, now that her ex-husband is out of the picture? – Sienna
Not so fast. Anastasia Griffith (‘Damages’) will be guest-starring in multiple episodes as Dr. Emily Peck, someone who is “definitely a roadblock on many fronts,” Mark Feuerstein tells me. “She becomes a potential competitor in the concierge medicine industry. And then she’s also going to maybe be Jill’s competition, because there’s a little ‘something’ going on” with her and Hank. USA’s ‘Royal Pains’ returns June 3.

Do you know if the Screen Actors Guild’s “A Night With Lisa Edelstein” event was taped? Will it be aired for that matter? – LisaEClips via Twitter
That May 24 gathering was recorded, but as of now only Screen Actors Guild members have access to the DVD. I am told that at some point, a two-minute “highlight” reel may be posted online for the general public to watch. I’ll keep you posted on Twitter.

If next season is the final season of ‘Smallville,’ has the ‘No tights/No flights’ guideline been dropped? – Kati
I have “issues” with the flying question, but I did ask Tom Welling if the Season 9 finale’s glimpse of Clark’s famous togs means it’s a given he’ll suit up for The CW series’ farewell tour. “I don’t know if it’s a given,” he answered. “In the past we’ve been able to tease it and keep it interesting for the fans.” That said, Welling feels “we’d have to” see more of the suit during Season 10 – even if the thought of donning the iconic outfit makes him “absolutely terrified.”

Will Lana and Lex Return To ‘Smallville’ As Chloe Leaves?

I was hoping for some scoop on ‘Covert Affairs.’ I am pretty excited about this show and hoping it is successful. – Karen
If you read last week’s Big Tease, you know that I too am jazzed for this new spy series. While hanging out on the ‘Royal Pains’ set, I also heard lotsa good things about ‘Covert Affairs,’ including that Christopher Gorham’s portrayal of a sightless CIA agent is rather terrific. The latest additions to the guest star ranks (e.g. ‘Sleeper Cell’s Oded Fehr, ‘CSI: NY’s Emmanuelle Vaugier, ‘Swingtown’s Lana Parilla) include ’24’ prez Gregory Itzin (playing dad to ‘Heroes’ alum Sendhil Ramamurthy’s Jai) and ‘ER’ vet Eriq La Salle (as a former spy spooked by a nervous breakdown).

Did you like ‘Pretty Little Liars‘? I’m thinking about watching since @HDonoho [‘Charmed’ alumna Holly Marie Combs] is in it. – lady_fun_rock via Twitter
I finally dug up my ‘Pretty Little Liars’ DVD – literally, seeing as the clever press kit from ABC Family buried all kinds of goodies inside a box of actual soil – and it turned out to be worthy the dirty fingernails. ABCF could have a hit on its hands if they can maintain the palpably eerie tone on this show about a high school girl who goes missing, only to start taunting/haunting her BFFs a year later. PS to ABC Family: Expect an invoice from my cleaning lady.

What are your favorite fall pilots so far? – markymarc70 via Twitter
So far, I have only polished off the fresh fare from CBS and The CW. Among those seven shows, I’m very high on ‘Hawaii Five-O,’ which packs quite a punch as well as a lot of pretty, and ‘Nikita,’ which offers a relatively new spin on the foreign film/U.S. remake/USA Network series. Maggie Q is aces as the disenchanted assassin-gone-AWOL, while the pilot-ending twist introduces an unexpected element to what many may think is a “familiar” story.

I’m curious to hear how CBS’ ‘S#*! My Dad Says’ is. Please let me know! – zewy via Twitter
I grew up loving ‘Star Trek.’ Had a life-size William Shatner poster on my bedroom door and everything. So color me disappointed in this Twitter-inspired pilot. Granted, they’re in the process of recasting the Shat’s TV son (‘Cougar Town’s Ryan Devlin is out), but I’m officially bearish on the end result being worthy of the ‘Big Bang Theory’ lead-in.

Exclusive: ‘White Collar’ Nabs ‘Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton

Will we be seeing an all-star edition of ‘The Amazing Race‘ anytime soon, with past fan favorites competing? – Steve
Not anytime soon, no. ‘TAR 17,’ premiering this fall, is a regular edition of the Emmy-winning reality series, I am assured.

So, is ABC’s ‘The Gates‘ (premiering June 20) basically a vampire version of ‘Pushing Daisies’? – MarryMeOwen via Twitter
Nah, I’m not 100-percent on board with that comparison. Instead, I’d liken it to ‘Desperate Housewives’ as written by Dean Koontz, with a hint of ‘Eureka’ thrown in (as Frank Grillo is enlisted to lay down the law in one freaky little community).

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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