‘America’s Got Talent’ Dallas Auditions: Crazy Town

Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel on America's Got Talent (NBC)

Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel on America's Got Talent (NBC)

Dallas — ‘America’s Got Talent’s’ second audition stop of the new season on Wednesday — was a little weird. From a lightning rock band to a blind flamethrower to a Justin Bieber heir, the Texas ‘AGT’ auditions were an eccentric funhouse of horrors that were another sign of Howie Mandel‘s entrance on the scene this year. He loves the unusual. What else could account for acts like plus-sized burlesque flailing dancer Erin Go Braghless going through to the next round?

‘Genital Daredevil’: Immediately X’ed by Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan when his pants came down, Jeremy Kinison, 30, was gross with a crotch-centered daredevil stunt. Howie left his buzzer un-X’ed, smiling broadly, while Nick Cannon lit a firecracker pack that exploded in a pail covering Jeremy’s junk. ‘America’s Got Talent’ probably wasn’t the right competition for him. The ‘AGT’ logo obscuring his genitals covered most of the act, a big handicap for the at-home audience. The real star of Jeremy’s bit was Howie, who prolonged the awkwardness and facetiously exclaimed to Jeremy post-performance “America’s got talent!”

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Dallas, Texas Represent: CJ Dippa, 11, ripped the stage Dirty South style. At least for the sixth grade. In the cutest display of pre-adolescent hip-hop since Another Bad Creation, CJ Dippa was “all about the swag and all about the sti-yill,” with a chain slung ’round his neck and backwards cap. He was uninhibited to share details of his busy love life, including dating two girls at once, if what he says is to be believed. The long tradition of rapper alpha-ness continues. CJ Dippa may be short-lived, but for one night, he owned the stage.

Shocking: Sharon may have been too quick to buzz the rock/tech fusion quintet of nerdy guys from Austin, ArcAttack, with their overly long, prog-rock intro. Even after the crowd’s wild reaction to their high energy set,  her opinion wasn’t swayed. The visual of a million blue volts of lightning shooting into the guy in the middle dressed in what looked like a fencer’s outfit constructed out of Tesla coils was pretty cool in a Spike TV kind of way. They shocked and delighted with a new idea.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/America-s-Got-Talent/2116/1511799773/Next-On-America-s-Got-Talent/embed 580 476]

Watch Out: Who knows what is really going on with the half-blind flame-thrower Ms. Donna, who also advanced. The first several rows were cleared out for her act to avoid accidents, and the judges took early cover. She has Piers to thank for calling her “dangerous,” because Sharon followed suit. Ms. Donna needs some time off. Instead, she is going to Vegas.

Not Another “Who Let the Dogs Out” act: The Muttley Crew was pretty good with their rags-to-riches nine mutts trained into modest show-dogs. This dog act appears a little lethargic, with dogs simply running through hoops and crawling under each other. But the dogs have a wizened heart. The senior dog is 18 years young. Sharon, a big dog-lover, makes dogs acts more fun to watch.

Tell us: Who did you like from Wednesday’s auditions in Dallas?

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