‘Real Housewives of NYC’: Kelly Finds Strength in Words?

Kelly Kilorean Bensimon (Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images)

Kelly Kilorean Bensimon (Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images)

Kelly Bensimon is so not the B-word. According to her, the other ‘Real Housewives of NYC‘ are the real B’s–BULLIES, that is! Well, thankfully, at least one person has got her back–that sane, reputable, unscary person being ‘Real’ Housewife of NJ, Danielle Staub. Late last week, Danielle offered some sound advice to Miss Jellybeans for whenever she feels attacked by her Housewife frenemies: “Just go to a place inside of yourself and connect with your inner child in a fantasy.” We got another B-word for you: Bonkers. (FYI Danielle: Kelly already does that.)

No Drama? No Airtime! The Forgotten NYC Housewife

Regardless, it appears that the “Satchels of Gold” starlet has taken her NJ castmate’s encouragement to heart with this beautifully juvenile anti-bullying P.S.A. It’s a reminder that “systematic bullying” is not kosher–even when you’re the instigating, paranoid giant with the loose pie hole.

Appreciate this lovely message for what it is, folks! And definitely appreciate the major PR efforts Kelly’s making at coming across as a calm, collected, stable human being. Now that deserves two snaps!

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