Craig M.’s ‘Bachelorette’ Confession: ‘I Wasn’t That Interested in Ali’

Craig M. on The Bachelorette (ABC)

Craig M. on The Bachelorette (ABC)

Ladies, meet the bachelor with the bouffant who partied hard but was de-budded fast on ‘The Bachelorette‘: Mr. Craig McKinnon! Even though he only lasted two episodes, Craig M. packed a punch of controversy with his antagonistic in-your-face presence and array of unnerving crazy faces. Although he attributes selective editing as the result of his villain status, the Canuck has no regrets or grudges, saying he was glad that at least his friends and family could get a hysterical laugh out of his experience.

In a conference call on Thursday, Mr. Funny Guy sat down to give us the low down about his feelings toward Jonathan (a.k.a. the Weatherman), his frank opinion of Ali, and of, course, his hair.

‘The Bachelorette’: Cloudy With a Chance of Bad Hair

On why he came on the show: “Well, first of all, I went on the show to possibly find someone I’d really love or maybe get to the point of engagement. That was obviously my sole purpose. On the other hand, it was definitely for the experience.”

On his feelings towards Ali: “I wasn’t that interested in Ali, and I think you could see that from the beginning. Ali and I didn’t have a connection. I think she felt the same way.”

On bullying Jonathan: “I was not serious at all. I was totally joking and having a good time. I think Jonathan may be a little uptight, possibly.  Probably a really good guy, but I think [he] took a few things too seriously.”

On his confrontation with Jesse: “The one thing that I kind of regret is just the brief episodes of Jesse and I in the kitchen. I wasn’t too proud of that point. The next morning Jesse and I both kind of apologized to each other–it was inappropriate kind of behavior.”

On Jonathan’s “dangerous” comment: “That kind of shocked me that he would use a word like that. I found it kind of offensive because I was totally joking the entire time.”

On his relationship with the dudes: “[The producers] definitely didn’t show me laughing and having a good time with the guys. We had a great time on there, and, you know, I became fairly close with a handful of them.”

On who he thinks is best for Ali: “Kirk for sure is one, Roberto, and Chris L. I think those three probably are a good fit for Ali.”

On the boys jabbing at his poofy locks: “I didn’t mind that at all. I expected it. I get it all the time from my friends.”

Watch Craig M. In Action On Monday’s ‘Bachelorette’:

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