Kate Gosselin: Jon Dropped Custody Bid, But ‘I Worry Every Day’

by | June 4, 2010 at 10:09 AM | TV News

Kate Gosselin on NBC's 'The Today Show' June 4

Kate Gosselin on NBC's 'The Today Show' June 4

Kate Gosselin says that while the year gone by has been filled with “so much change, so many unexpected things,” she and her brood are now “moving forward” – a prospect perhaps more attainable now that ex-husband Jon has put a pin in his litigious ways.

“Jon has dropped the custody battle,” Kate told ‘The Today Show‘s Meredith Vieira during a sit-down to pimp her new TLC special ‘Kate Plus Eight‘ (premiering Sunday). “At this very moment things are peaceful, he’s amicable. [But] I never know when that’s going to change. I worry every day [that it might].”

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Noting that 2009, during which her marriage imploded before millions of American TV viewers, “may be [a year] Id prefer to erase if I could,” Kate now is focused on 2010, which she has christened “a year of positivity.”

“The kids and I have had a chance really to step back and learn about ourselves and pull together as a unit,” she says of the recent aftermath. “We’re getting there.”

Harking back to how she once described her hectic, tabloid fodder of an existence, she says life is now a “shambles no more.”

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And although Jon seems to have no problem parading around his latest youthful lady friend, Kate says, “I don’t feel like it’s time” to dive into a new romance herself. “The kids need so much of me,” she notes. “But at some point,” she says she’ll be ready.