Kate Gosselin’s Bodyguard: ‘She’s Been Betrayed’

'Kate Plus 8' (Photo: TLC)

'Kate Plus 8' (Photo: TLC)

To some she’s Kate the Great; for others, the Kate Hate spews like a gusher in the Gulf. But one thing is for sure: People can’t seem to stop talking about Kate Gosselin. (Even if it’s just to chastize each other: ‘Stop talking about her!’ Enough already!’)

But come on, who doesn’t love those funny faces she makes?!

Now even Kate’s silent sidekick, her bodyguard Steve Neild, is speaking out in a rare moment to defend the reality TV mom.

“She has been betrayed by some of the closest people to her,” bodyguard Steve says during tonight’s premiere episode of ‘Kate Plus 8,’ which marks the return of the can’t-keep-her-down single mother of eight.

TLC goes ‘Inside Kate’s World’ to show viewers what Kate’s day-to-day routine is like these days, you know, now that she’s on her own, while her currently unemployed ex-husband Jon introduces their eight kids to his latest twenty-something girlfriend.

“The fact that 2010 was going to be a better year, come hell or high water, I wasn’t stupid enough to think that all the issues would magically disappear and I’d sail right into it,” Kate says. “I mean there was a lot, there still is a lot on a daily basis, that I don’t think people get to see that I deal with.”

Sneak Preview: Kate ‘Betrayed’:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Jon-%26-Kate-Plus-8/100272/1513445811/Kate-Plus-8%3A-Inside-Kate-s-World/embed 580 476]


The return of the Gosselins (minus dad) is full of other types of ‘dramatic’ moments as well, like the ‘multiples’ misadventure below.

“After Getting Hissed At, I was Offended”:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Jon-%26-Kate-Plus-8/100272/1512275271/Kate-Plus-8—See-An-Alligator/embed 580 476]


The two-hour premiere of ‘Kate Plus 8’ airs Sunday, June 6th, on TLC. ‘6th Birthday Surprise’ airs at 9 p.m./EST and ‘Inside Kate’s World’ airs at 10 p.m./EST.

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