James Cameron Apologizes for BP ‘Morons’ Remark on Larry King

Director James Cameron on 'Larry King Live' (Photo: CNN)

Director James Cameron on 'Larry King Live' (Photo: CNN)

After using the word “morons” when describing BP and its handling of the Gulf oil spill, director James Cameron took to CNN’s ‘Larry King Live‘ and tried backpedaling, claiming his comment was taken out of context.

Cameron told King that BP was not full of morons, admitting “there are good engineers out there… working very hard. It’s a very, very complex problem to solve.”

The Environmental Protection Agency had asked Cameron to try devising a way to clean up the oil spill — Cameron has a long history of producing ocean documentaries — but BP rejected his offer to help, according to PopEater.

Watch the Interview with James Cameron on ‘Larry King Live’

Others in Hollywood have been injecting their own opinions into the mix, like Kevin Costner, who claimed he had equipment that could separate oil from water, and Robert Redford, who said in a recent ad, “The Gulf disaster is more than a terrible oil spill. It’s the product of a failed energy policy.”

On the opposite side of the argument is everybody’s favorite Alaskan, Sarah Palin. The former governor has turned the tables, placing blame not on BP but on environmentalists. “You are damaging the planet with your efforts to lock up safer drilling areas,” Palin recently said. “There’s nothing clean and green about your misguided nonsensical radicalism.”

Just don’t tell that to Ashton Kutcher. “If you could go back to the Republican National Convention, and look the guys in the eyes that were saying ‘drill, drill, drill’ — at the Republican National Convention? Those guys! There you go! That’s what, that’s what we got! Like, we did it, we drill, drill, drilled!” Kutcher said while walking the red carpet, making a somewhat incoherent jab at the right.

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