Tom Cruise Trying For A Les Grossman Movie

Are we about to get too much of a good thing?

Scuttlebutt from backstage at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday would seem to indicate that Tom Cruise is actually working on giving his bald, belligerent blowhard movie producer Les Grossman, which was a little added treat of goofy comedy in Tropic Thunder, his own movie. “We’re working on it” is all he said, but that’s all he needs to say for the speculation to begin.

Would a Les Grossman movie really work, or is this just Cruise latching onto one of his few recent movie successes to try to milk it for all its worth? He does have Knight and Day coming up – just moved up a couple days to open on a Wednesday, in fact – , and if that does well, maybe he’ll back off of it. Grossman works fine as some weird comic relief, but could he really carry a movie any better than, say, MacGruber could? It all remains to be seen.

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