‘Entourage’ Boss Talks End Date, Feature Film (Do We Want One?)

'Entourage's Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly (HBO)

'Entourage's Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly (HBO)

Mark Wahlberg says that bringing ‘Entourage‘ to the big screen – à la the two ‘Sex and the City’ movies – is a major priority for him right now, more so than any films he plans to star in himself.

“I just think we can make a great movie,” Wahlberg, an exec producer on the HBO series, tells MTV News. “[Viewers] have complained that the episodes are too short — they’ve always wanted more. I think we’re going to do it.”

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When exactly might Vince, E, Turtle and Drama bring their large-living to the Cineplex? Wahlberg hints that the TV series would need to wrap its run first, and claims that will happen in 2011.

“We just have to end strong,” he says, “and this season is, by far, the best season so far.”

‘Entourage’ premieres its seventh season on June 27, and save for two hiatus days will run straight through. Wahlberg suggested that there would be six final episodes to air in 2011, and it was unclear if he was alluding to a Season 8. An HBO rep says the series has not been picked up beyond the upcoming cycle.

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But turning back to Wahlberg’s “bigger” plans. Do you think an ‘Entourage’ movie would draw the same amount of interest (read: money) as the ‘Sex and the City’ pics have enjoyed? The sexual and sartorial adventures of Carrie Bradshaw & Co. played well to a hungry female audience, one that lived to emulate (or at least dream about) their decadent choices in fashion and fellas. Is there anywhere near a similar appetite for grander-scale ‘Entourage’ story?

Give Season 7 a peek using the video below, then tell us your thoughts in Comments!

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Entourage/9690/1505591292/Entourage%3A-Season-7-Trailer–What-Next–%28HBO%29/embed 580 476]
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