‘True Blood’s Alan Ball: ‘There’s a Big Body Count This Season’

Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard in True Blood (HBO)

Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard in True Blood (HBO)

Alan Ball is the genius behind ‘True Blood.’ The show’s Emmy and Oscar-winning writer and executive producer is responsible for every second that you see on screen.  So when he granted Fancast an interview, we were thrilled. Ball revealed that this is going to be the bloodiest, most intense season of ‘True Blood’ yet, promising, “There are several moments in season three where you’ll see something you have never seen on television before.”

Be prepared: all the times will not be good in Bon Temps.  “There’s a big body count this season,” he says.  Though he would not reveal who would be kicking the bucket, or how, he promises that at least one important character will perish.  Ball understandably wants the audience to be surprised by every plot twist that he worked so hard to craft, but he shared a few tidbits to help fans survive the agonizingly long wait until Sunday’s season three premiere (HBO, 9/8c).

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Bill and Sookie Find Absence Does Not Always Make The Heart Grow Fonder
Bill [Stephen Moyer] and Sookie [Anna Paquin] are torn apart when Bill is kidnapped.  Eric is an immediate suspect, but is he actually the culprit?  “Somebody took Bill and obviously she’s trying to find him. It gets way more complicated from there.  It’s not necessarily who you thought might have taken him.  There are different reasons at work.  It all comes together at the end.  But I will say that Bill and Sookie’s relationship is tested to a degree it has never been tested before.”  Ball is alluding to the arrival of sexy werewolf Alcide.  “He’s just broken up with his girlfriend. He’s single.  Sookie’s heartbroken because Bill’s been kidnapped and she can’t find him. And, hello, they’re two gorgeous people in tight quarters.  Sparks will fly.”

Lafayette Finds Jesus (No, Not That Jesus)
“This season we’ll see a different side of Lafayette [Nelsan Ellis].  We will meet his mother [played by Alfre Woodard]. Lafayette will find himself in an actual relationship, not a transaction where money is crossing hands. But there’s actually somebody he’s met who is interested in him, and is interested in him enough to sort of chip away at those big walls of defense that exist around Lafayette’s heart… Lafayette and Jesus  [Kevin Alejandro] are pretty damn sexy together. That’s his new boyfriend.”

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Tara Does Not Put All Her Eggs In One Basket
“When we first see Tara [Rutina Wesley]  she is grieving the loss of Eggs.  She’s questioning if life has any meaning.  She gets involved in a new relationship which is going to be quite a journey for her.”

Preview ‘True Blood’s Third Season:

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Sam Learns Family Values Are A Myth
“Sam [Sam Trammell] finds his family, meets his family.  All I can say is be careful what you ask for.”

Jason Has A Quarter Life Crisis
“Jason [Ryan Kwanten] is struggling with what is the meaning of his life. What does he want to do?  Jason is too old to be Jason anymore.  He can’t really behave like a teenage boy anymore.  He’s been through so much that it’s kind of hard for him to revert to his old Jason ways.  He’s dissatisfied with his job and he is trying to figure out what to do with his life and he sets his sights on something new….Jason’s got a little adventure with more than one woman…  Also, there’s a new romantic interest in his life, a most unexpected romantic interest.”

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Eric Puts Your Attempts to Track Down an Old Crush on Facebook To Shame
“Eric [Alexander Skarsgard] is actually going to come across someone he’s been looking for for centuries for very personal reasons.  Let’s just say it’s pretty primal.”

Jessica Experiences Vampire Teen Angst. It’s Nothing Like ‘Twilight’
“Jessica [Deborah Ann Woll] and Hoyt [Jim Parrack] are broken up so she’s trying to figure out what it means to be a vampire with your maker missing and trying to make sense of her life.  Of course she still pines for Hoyt but unfortunately he’s in another relationship.  He’s met someone else, but of course he pines for her as well.”

If The Birthers And Tea Partiers Were Vampires, They Might Be Right About The Government
“This year we get to look at the vampire political structure and how there’s a shadow government that actually runs the figure heads of the real supposed vampire government, the kings and queens.  They are more insidious and more bloodthirsty behind that.  I think that’s a great metaphor for the fact that corporations run our own country and are willing to poison the planet for profits.”

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