13-Year-Old Girl Says the ‘C Word’ Twice on the ‘Today’ Show

13-year-old 'Today' Show Guest Kayla Manson (Photo: NBC)

13-year-old 'Today' Show Guest Kayla Manson (Photo: NBC)

Just days after the MTV Movie Awards assaulted the airwaves with foul language, another curse word slipped out on television.

This time the potty mouth comes from a surprising source, during a much more serious matter: A 13-year-old girl on NBC’s ‘The Today Show‘ said the word “c**t” twice during the live morning talk show Thursday.


Meredith Vieira was interviewing Kayla Manson, a 13-year-old Florida girl embroiled in a brutal teen beating case, when the slip-up occurred.

Manson is accused of being an accomplice to attempted murder after her 15-year-old boyfriend, Wayne Treacy, attacked her best friend, Josie Ratley, on March 17th.

Vieira asked Kayla about disturbing text messages that were exchanged between the teens at school, where Wayne allegedly threatened to kill Josie.

Kayla replied that she only saw two text messages: “The one where she calls him a rapist, and she calls him a c**t, I mean the one where he calls her a c**t.”

Appearing on the morning talk show to give her side of the story, Kayla was describing what she saw and said she was sorry.

“We just have to be careful with our language, but that’s all right, sweetheart,” Meredith Vieira said before quickly moving on.

Watch Kayla Manson’s Interview on ‘The Today Show’:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Today/96422/1518420954/Charged-Accomplice-%E2%80%98Sorry%E2%80%99-for-Text-rage-Beating/embed 580 476]


Kayla Manson will be prosecuted as a juvenile for the charge of ‘principal to attempted murder’ for allegedly helping Wayne find Josie that tragic day, even though she was aware that he planned to hurt her.

In the horrific attack, Treacy is accused of repeatedly banging Josie’s head into the pavement and nearly stomping her to death while wearing steel-toed boots. He was said to be set off by a text message sent by Josie regarding his 30-year-old brother’s suicide. Treacy found his brother’s body hanging from a tree outside a church last October, and according to his attorney, was traumatized by the tragedy.

Wayne Treacy, who will be tried as an adult, has plead not guilty to a first degree attempted murder charge.

Josie Ratley, 15, is still recovering from brain damage after being hospitalized for over two months and going through extensive rehab.

Watch the clip of Kayla’s slip on The Huffington Post.

Are you shocked by profanity on TV anymore? Are you shocked by this level of teen violence?

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