Daytime Has A New Queen – Judge Judy

Judge Judge is daytime's new queen - at least in May.  (Vince Bucci, Getty Images)

Judge Judge is daytime's new queen - at least in May. (Vince Bucci, Getty Images)

Move over Oprah. Daytime television has a new queen.

The ratings from May sweeps are in and the winner is…ta-da…Judge Judy Sheindlin.

She finished first – ahead of Oprah and Dr. Phil, who ranked second and third respectively. Is it a big deal?

Only in the sense that daytime has been in flux since Oprah Winfrey announced she’s ending her talk show next September after 25 years and moving to her OWN cable network. Trya Banks also concluded her daytime talk show. Although there is still plenty of talk on the air, including Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, as well as the Oprah-spawned newcomer, decorator Nate Berkus, the daytime landscape is clearly without the center Winfrey gave it.

We know that afternoon time slot won’t be filled by the women of ‘The View.’ The question is who will fill it? Who can fill it?

There is no question about daytime’s relationship with Judge Judy. Viewers love her no-nonsense, tough-talking attitude – the reason she earns a reported $45 million annually.

“There’s a reason that my program has been on for 15 years…that’s because people really want their brethren to act socially responsible,” she told ABC News last month. “They want the good guy to win, and they are looking for the bad guy to get whoopin’, and they very rarely do.”

What do you think will happen to daytime once Oprah leaves? Who do you think has a chance of taking her place?

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