Deep Soap: Sean Young’s Underwhelming ‘Y&R’ Debut

Sean Young (John M. Heller/Stringer/Getty Images)

Sean Young (John M. Heller/Stringer/Getty Images)

Sean Young And Don Swayze Turn ‘The Young & The Restless’ Into a B-Listers’ Paradise

This week marked Sean Young’s debut on ‘The Young & The Restless.’  Playing Meggie, a bar owner who assists Victor (Eric Braeden) in his quest to locate Adam, Young did a good job with a role that so far has not been particularly significant.  The most amusing aspect of her scenes was that Young was joined by Don Swayze (brother of Patrick) in the role of Shaw, a criminal who helped Adam (Michael Muhney) leave the country.  For a moment, Y&R felt like ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘ or perhaps ‘Celebrity Rehab‘ as members of the B-list collided in an unexpected place.  Swayze’s appearance received little advance publicity, perhaps because his representatives chose to focus on his upcoming role as a werewolf named Gus on multiple episodes of the third season of ‘True Blood.’  Swayze’s doing pretty well for himself these days.

Young looked attractive.  She had good chemistry with Braeden, which is no surprise since they worked together on the Western he starred in and produced, ‘The Man Who Came back.’ Frankly, I would not have recognized her if I had not know in advance she was going to be on the show.  Her character’s real function, other than delivering information about Adam’s brief visit to the area, seemed to be telling Victor how amazing he was.  Not only did she provide assistance, she proved to have quite the mustache fetish.

Meggie: Well, it’s been a long time since I met a man who knew how to treat a woman right. I thought maybe after you finished your business with Shaw you could come back. You know, no strings attached, cowboy, just a little fun for both of us. What do you say?

Since Meggie recognized the world-famous billionaire Victor Newman the moment she met him, I think what she was really saying was, “I would like no-strings attached access to your wallet.”   Magnanimous Meggie kept praising Victor even after he rejected her.

Victor: Her name is Nikki, and she means a hell of a lot to me. I mean, she wouldn’t find out about this, but I would know. Do you understand?

Meggie: Yeah, I do, and I admire you for it.

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How low are Meggie’s standards if a man who chooses not to cheat on his significant other with a complete stranger is admirable?  Shouldn’t that be what everyone would do in that situation? I guess the last wealthy American who visited her establishment was Tiger Woods. Victor’s action hero sequences never fail to amuse me.  No matter how much bigger or younger his opponent is, or even if he is taking on a group of adversaries, he always wins without breaking a sweat.  He has better survival skills than ‘MacGuyver.’  Of course he had no problems parachuting into Ottawa, which apparently is a no-fly zone for American pilots.  Maybe the Mounties are still angry that NBC pre-empted the end of the Olympics closing ceremony for the premiere of ‘The Marriage Ref.’  I cannot wait until Victor reaches Brazil.  Maybe Meggie will follow him there and cheer him on as he demonstrates his expertise in capoeira.

Despite my snark, I must say Victor is truly beloved in Canada, the actual country, as well as Canada, the Y&R set.  A radio producer from the Canadian Broadcasting Company contacted me via Facebook on Thursday under the mistaken belief that I still wrote for Y&R because she wanted to know if I was responsible for choosing Ottawa as the locale for Victor’s mini-adventure.  She wanted to do a story about Victor’s visit to the region.  So I guess Victor’s visit is big news in the province, despite Victor referring to the “icy, dirty brown Ottawa river.”  I am sure the Ottawa tourism board loved that one.  And I am tickled by Canadian radio journalists unusual ways of gathering information.

The Web Series That Should Have Been on SoapNet

I am so excited about ABC/’s new web series ‘What If,’ which will premiere later this summer.   ABC is daring to venture where only fanfic writers and a couple of crossovers have gone before, and having the characters from different ABC shows meet each other. The promo looks amazing.

[iframe 420 382]

The pairings were so well chosen. ‘All My Children’s‘ Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) meets ‘General Hospital’s Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) in a hallway and seems less than impressed.  AMC’s Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison) meets Carly Corinthos Jacks (Laura Wright) in what appears to be a romantic scenario that  would undoubtedly be incredibly polarizing on the actual daytime shows.  GH’s Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) meets  ‘One Life To Live’s Vicki (Erika Slezak), giving us a chance to the two multiple Daytime Emmy awards winners interact.  ‘Port Charles‘ fans will get to see that show’s hottest couple, Caleb and Livvie, have a reunion of sorts when GH’s Sam (Kelly Monaco) meets OLTL’s John (Michael Easton).  I am almost excited about this as I am about Vanessa Marcil’s return to GH.  The series will be directed by daytime’s biggest innovator, OLTL Executive Producer Ron Carlivati, so it is bound to be creative and well shot.  One question: why wasn’t this an original series on SoapNET?  This would have actually garnered a significant audience and been incredibly repeatable since it exists outside of any timeline. Maybe it would have helped save the channel.

Bo and Nora’s Annotated Wedding

I love ‘One Life To Live’s’ new trend of offering episodes with commentary from the actors online.  A few weeks ago Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Brandon Buddy (Cole) commented on the prom night musical.  Now Robert S. Woods and Hillary B. Smith have posted their delightfully snarky yet affectionate text commentary on Bo and Nora’s wedding.  It’s like ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’  with love.   They point out where they ad-libbed (Smith had to inform everyone that Nora’s marriage to Daniel Colson was annulled, resulting in David hilariously saying “Nora Hanen Gannon Buchanan Hanen Buchanan Buchanan. If you’re thinking Colson, you’re wrong. That marriage was annulled,” as he performed their marriage), highlight continuity errors (apparently the wedding was shot out of order and Smith got a haircut between the time she shot the ceremony and the Foxy Roxie’s sequence),  and interesting tidbits (Kassie DePaiva wrote the song that Blair performed at the wedding). If you enjoyed the episode, watch it with the commentary.  You will like it even better.

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