Little People Have Big Beef With Spike’s ‘Midget’ Wrestlers

Spike TV's 'Half Pint Brawlers'

Spike TV's 'Half Pint Brawlers'

The Little People of America organization is making a big stink over the new Spike TV series ‘Half Pint Brawlers‘ and how its small-of-stature stars toss around the word “midget.”

The LPA claims the M-word reinforces “archaic, objectifying and stigmatizing stereotypes.” (The group’s complete mission statement regarding the word can be found here.)

Instead of the ‘Half Pint’ wrestlers calling each other “midgets,” the LPA proposes they use “little person,” “person with dwarfism” or “person of short stature.”

In response, Spike TV told TMZ that the ‘Brawlers’ themselves 1) are the only ones on the show who refer to each other as “midget,” and 2) actually “respectfully disagree with the LPA’s assessment of the word.”

In related news, Laura Ingalls is taking offense to the show’s appropriation of the nickname “Half Pint,” while the United States Grammar Police is demanding to know where the blazes the hyphen is.

Me, I’m just curious to know how this series isn’t on TLC.

Watch the lubed ‘Half Pint Brawlers’ tangle with some strippers. WARNING: Content is precisely as described:

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