Users Speak: What Happened To Decency On TV?

Peter Facinelli at the MTV Movie Awards (MTV)

Peter Facinelli at the MTV Movie Awards (MTV)

In a week that brought MTV’s raucous F-bombtastic Movie Awards show Sunday night and a 13-year-old girl dropping the C-word TWICE on ‘Today,’ we’re wondering: is this the week that decency forgot? (Maybe all the censors are just on summer vacation.) Has the television landscape become a Wild West town, run by expletive-shooting outlaws? Or are we just being a little too touchy? Comments poured in on the two shocking (shocking?) events, and we’re sharing the best of the crop, below:

It’s funny to me that there is little objection to the lifestyle described by the MTV culture, and so much talk about “bad words”. Would it still be okay if songs/videos depicted people swilling champagne in a limo full of scantily-clad women while smoking only the best crack, as long as no one said a potty word? – rickboy

I think it is a lack of imagination that causes the use of the F word. Have you ever sat through a comedy act where every other work is the F word and you realize it isn’t funny? Young Hollywood has no real imagination so they resort the using the word to make an impact, instead of having an intelligent thought in their head. I am not offended by the use of the F word, just bored by it. – Use your noggin

Why would anyone care about a show that know one watches? Why would mindless poor communicating text messaging zombies who can comprehend nothing more than the F word have any real opinion of humor? Why would the parents of a nation where every other 15 and 16 year old is either pregnant or impregnating suddenly care about the moral malnutrition of their children? Sadly, this is where we are. It will not get better. Ten years from now we will pine for the time when things were held in check this much, when TV was “really” funny and we had to walk ten miles to school through snow. – moral truth

I think I heard more than 100 curse word *bleeps* in the first 5 minutes. It surprised me even for MTV. I had to change the channel, I couldn’t stand it. I flipped back awhile later and immediately heard more bleeps, just utterly ridiculous.  I am glad to hear that MTV received criticism for it and ‘apologized’ — which is hardly an apology at all. They’re just apologizing for the few words that slipped through and didn’t get bleeped. Not for all the beyond EXCESSIVE foul language in the 1st place. – Erin

Watch Kayla Manson on ‘Today’:

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By the way, the last i checked mtv is a cable network channel, and if you don’t want to watch it or don’t want it at all , tune it out… there’s so many things in the world to worry about than how many f bombs are said during a show.. It is nothing anyone above the age of 12 hasn’t said or heard.. I’m tired of the complaining of the morality side of things.. Go live in the country and tune it out if you don’t want to hear or watch.. Parents have a choice these days if they want their kids to watch these shows or not.. They need to take the initiative to be apart of their kids lives like my parents did.. They controlled what was good for me to watch or not’s a copout to blame mtv… – CONTROL

I think the fact that this girl used that word on national TV and did not seem to even have an idea that it was offensive or unacceptable speaks volumes about her environment and upbringing. I had three sons and while I am not naive enough to think they did not know or use these words on occasion, I am sure they would know better to use them on TV, at church, or in our home or anywhere they knew they would be totally out of bounds. – Tara

That’s ok, sweetheart????? No, Meredith…it is NOT ok!! Not from a 13 yr old, not from anyone! She should have been asked to leave the show..or told that kind of language will not be tolerated…. and what is a 13 yr old doing with a boyfriend??? where are the parents of these kids? Are they, like most parents now a days, afraid of their kids??? no wonder this world is so messed up…this is an example of who will be running this country! When are parents going to take charge of their kids? there is no respect for human life and it’s no wonder…. – carole

What is horrifying is not the language. Yes, it’s vulgar and shows lack of parental control. The big problem is that she is involved in a plot to murder another person. The bigger problem is that society is evolving to the point that violence is the solution to any problem. Teens are watching the depraved and violent mysogynistic shows on MTV and VH1 and other sources. Movies and other TV shows and video games are rampant with violence and the parents of these kids are likewise involved in supporting these venues. Adding to the depravity is giving these people their ten minutes of fame when it should be 10 years of shame. This society is raising a generation of sociopaths and God help us. – di

Shows where our morals and values are today. If a society sets higher standards for itself this sort of thing doesn’t happen. – Todd

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