Obama To Update Nation On Oil Spill, Detail Plan to Make BP Pay

President Barack Obama (Photo: ABC)

President Barack Obama (Photo: ABC)

President Barack Obama is staking out some prime-time real estate on Tuesday night for the purpose of addressing the country.

Specifically, POTUS will share an update on the BP oil spill that for weeks has been polluting waters, threatening businesses, putting wildlife at peril and destroying ecosystems.

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Obama will map out the government’s next steps in managing the tragedy, senior adviser David Axelrod told NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ on Sunday, as well as announce a plan to make BP put billions of dollars into an escrow account to be used for compensating victims.

“We want to make sure that money is escrowed for the legitimate claims,” said Axelrod.

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The White House adviser did not specify a dollar amount that BP would be asked to set aside, but said the amount would be “substantial enough to meet the claims that we expect to come.”

Defending the government’s reaction to the oil spill crisis – which some have criticized as being too little, too slowly – Axelrod said that Obama “mobilized the greatest response to an environmental disaster in the history of this country.”

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