Deep Soap: Victoria Rowell’s New Soap, Susan Lucci Debuts Photo Collection

Victoria Rowell (Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images)

Victoria Rowell (Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images)

Will Victoria Rowell Join The Cast of Obscure Local Television Soap Opera?

Victoria Rowell, the megapopular former star of ‘The Young & The Restless‘ turned author may not be headed back to Genoa City any time soon.  But she is in negotiations to play a role in an upcoming local New Hampshire soap opera, ‘Proper Manors.’  This series, which has received little publicity, will premiere September 14th on MyTVNew England, WZMY, which is in the Boston media market. Though the New Hampshire Union Leader claims Rowell has signed on, the creator of ‘Proper Manors,’ Piettro D’Allesio, claims on his Facebook page that they have not closed a deal yet.

Why would a big star like Rowell want to do such a small scale project?  She did grow up in New England, so the opportunity to work in New Hampshire could be appealing.  She also played a recurring role on the little known gay cable soap ‘Noah’s Arc,’ so this would not be unprecedented.

According to the newspaper, ‘Proper Manors’ will be a 21st century ‘Peyton Place.‘  It will be written and directed by Piettro D’Allesio, whose IMDB page reveals nothing but some small acting credits. The project was originally conceived as a web series before a MyTV New England executive decided to turn it a local TV show. According to the article, D’Allesio’s inspiration is, “The drama of his youth, magnified by televised drama such as ‘Falcon Crest,’ and ‘Dynasty,’ where cliffhangers combined with strong women and manipulative men made for must-see TV that hooked viewers in week after week.”

The biggest question for me is how an obscure local channel can afford to launch what sounds like an ambitious scripted television series, much less pay someone of Rowell’s stature.  It may end up looking like a public access show.  D’Allesio’s writing is another wild card.  He could be a genius.  He could be terrible.  But if this thing is any good, MyNetwork TV should air it on all its stations.  It’s not like they have a lot of other original programming.  I hope Rowell does sign on, because seeing her act with a bunch of unknowns is bound to be a treat.


Susan Lucci Previews ‘New All My Children’ Photo Series

All My Children’s‘ 40th Anniversary celebration continues with the release of 40 iconic archival photos for purchase at  There is one photo available from each of AMC’s 40 years on the air.  Cast members featured include Josh Duhamel, Ruth Warwick, David Canary, Debbi Morgan, and, of course, numerous photos of  Erica Kane herself, Susan Lucci. For super fans, Lucci has signed a limited number of photos of Erica from 1970. ABC gave me a photo of Lucci and Richard Shoberg (Tom) from the show’s St.Croix remote. It really is beautiful, though I’ll confess that I am not sure where I am going to hang it.

Lucci gave a press conference about the photos on the AMC set last week.

On the photo she is signing:
This was my very first headshot taken when I was on ‘All My Children.’ We used to rehearse the afternoons before a show in an apartment building in New York, near Lincoln Center.  We would come in the afternoon before whether we worked that day or not.  At 3:30 in the afternoon we would have a table read like they do for a play.  For those of us who were playing the high school kids, we would have extra rehearsals.  I remember walking in for a rehearsal one summer day after I’d been at ‘All My Children’ for about six months.  Photo shoots were not as formally set up and they said, ‘Susan come on in the next room and let’s take some headshots.’  So I went from rehearsal, had some headshots taken and it ended up being one of my all time favorites.  I was so happy when ABC chose to use it for the opening of ‘All My Children.’ It’s one of 400.  There will be a limited edition.

On memories the photos sparked:
I remember those beginning rehearsals and the beginning company of actors.  When I see a picture like this, I think of so many scenes with Mona (Fran Heflin).  I think of Ruth Warwick.  It was a different time.  We shot as if it were a play, from beginning to end.  We would get our notes, our criticisms, as a company of actors.  It was a bonding experience to be humiliated in front of each other that way. But it was a great opportunity to learn as a young actress from very experienced actors and actresses, to hear Ruth Warwick talk about Orson Welles… to hear Fra Heflin talk about being on Broadway with Marlon Brando.

Take a look at Erica Kane’s modeling career over the years:

[iframe—Modeling-montage/embed 580 476]

On where fans will hang the photos:
I don’t like to go there.  I hope in a place that makes them happy. Sometimes people will tell me that I’m on their piano or I’m in their office.  That makes me very happy. It’s just ironic how things happen.  The other day when I was home in New York my daughter was upstairs in our attic looking for something.  When I went up there she had found a picture of me when I was fourteen.  We then found things together: her baby book, pictures of me in one box that became a record of my career which I didn’t even know existed.  There was this headshot, a picture of me throwing out the first ball at a Mets game.

On her new leading man, Michael Nouri:
It’s wonderful.  Michael and I were saying we were both in New York for so long, and never crossed paths professionally.  I met him at different events, but just an introduction.  But I always thought he was terrific and I was thrilled he was coming on to our show.  He and the writers are creating quite a character in Caleb.

This Week in James Franco

On Friday’s episode of ‘General Hospital‘ we learned that Carter, the inmate who attempted to sexually assault Michael (Chad Duell), is working with Franco.  Daytime Confidential broke the news that James Franco’s real life mother will be playing Franco’s mother.  Now comes far more details from the website World of Wonder, whose reporter ran into Franco the Actor at West Hollywood’s Gay Pride Weekend.  Franco was there with his  friend, acclaimed video artist Kalup Linzy, who will be making several appearances on GH as another artist. There will also be a location shoot at the West Hollywood branch of Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art featuring Franco the artist/killer’s work, and, to compound the weirdness, Franco the actor will be exhibiting a piece at the museum that involves projecting scenes of his appearances on GH onto a wall.  I think. Since Franco the Actor seems to have carte blanche to create and cast  his own storyline, I wish he were a Monica Quartermaine fan.

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