The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘True Blood,’ ‘Liars,’ ‘Lost’ and More

'True Blood's Stephen Moyer, 'Pretty Little' Lucy Hale and Marsha Thomason circa 'Lost' (HBO/ABC)

'True Blood's Stephen Moyer, 'Pretty Little' Lucy Hale and Marsha Thomason circa 'Lost' (HBO/ABC)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show, from summer or fall? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop

I am so, so glad to have my ‘True Blood‘ back! Please tell me you have something good about what’s coming up? – Cindy
I have three words for you: Vampire hate sex. And it comes in Episode 3. I’ll leave it to you to speculate on who’s about to like it rrrrough.

Got anything on my new guilty pleasure, ABC Family’s ‘Pretty Little Liars‘? – Deb
If you thought the girls’ woes were buried with Allison, I say ha! In addition to sending impossible text messages and what not, the dearly departed “A” will haunt her gal pals by way of a big brother who uncorks a small surprise when he meets with Aria, Spencer et al to plan a memorial service. (A’s bro will be played in Episode 8 by Parker Bagley.)

I can’t wait for ‘Glee‘ to start up again and get some (hopefully) awesome Quinn (and Quinn/Puck) scoop from you! – karlin87 via Twitter
Similarly, I can’t wait for ‘Glee’ to start up again and get my long-awaited Dianna Agron Q&A. But until then, there’s this: Coldplay has agreed to let the Fox hit cover their tunes. That leaves Bryan Adams as the only notable holdout among recording artists approached by the show.

When you were at the ‘White Collar‘ set, did Marsha Thomason say why she didn’t turn up on ‘Lost‘ this season, like everyone else? – Greg
Make no mistake, Marsha was asked to reprise her role of Naomi in the “sideways” universe, but a pre-planned Thailand vacation got in the way. A big fan of ‘Lost,’ she said, “I loved the way those [past] characters kept coming back! I would have liked to show up in an unexpected place, serving someone dinner in a restaurant.”

Was Tiffani Amber Thiessen at the ‘White Collar’ set visit, or is she on maternity leave? – Shari
Considering she was due, like, two weeks ago (and did not deliver until the day this column went up), I’d hope she was on maternity leave. Tim DeKay said that any absence of Peter’s wife (who has a brief, carefully framed scene in the premiere) will be explained by out-of-town catering gigs. UPDATE: Thiessen welcomes a baby girl named Harper!

Exclusive: ‘White Collar’ Nabs ‘Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton

What can we expect from Hilarie Burton‘s ‘White Collar’ character? And when does she first appear? – Erin
“If somebody steals a really expensive car, she’s the repo man!” Burton says of insurance investigator Sara Ellis. Looking fab as she did the day we met up, Hil noted with a nod to her attire, “It’s fun to play someone with an edge but is also very bejeweled. I’m having a very good time with it.” Burton’s first air date hasn’t been nailed down yet, but it could be as early as Episode 4 of the new season.

I blog about TV-related swag all the time! I’d love to see a pic of what you got from ‘White Collar.’ – MotivatorsStaff via Twitter
Check it out.

I thought Natalie Morales was off ‘White Collar,’ however I’m pretty sure I spotted in one of the Season 2 promos. Does that means she’ll be back? – Alex
Nope. As I Big Teased back in February, Morales will not appear in any episodes this season. Agent Lauren Cruz’s abrupt exit is explained with a throwaway line in the Season 2 opener airing July 13.

‘Rescue Me’ Spitfire Heats Up ‘Californication’

Did Rob Lowe really die on ‘Brothers & Sisters‘? – Terry
I can report exclusively that Rob Lowe is very much alive, appearing on such shows as ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Californication.’ Robert McAllister, however, is truly and sincerely dead, having suffered fatal injuries in the season finale multi-car crash.

What do you have on Lifetime’s ‘Drop Dead Diva‘? In last year’s season finale, Grayson was dreaming about Jane. Are they going to revisit the idea that those two might be more than friends? – Sarah
Series creator Josh Berman has said that Jane started off this season with a boyfriend in Tony, a husband in Ethan and a soul mate in Grayson. As the season continues, the show will continue to explore the idea of “soul mate.”

‘Army Wives’ Spin-Off Enlists Gabrielle Union

’24’s Gregory Itzin and ‘Heroes’ Sendhil Ramamurthy as father and son on USA Network’s ‘Covert Affairs‘? This makes no sense, unless Sendhil’s character is adopted. Just curious if you had an explanation. – Alex
Nope, not adopted. It’s all about the momma.

Fringe‘ is the most amazing, entertaining show! Share any news please – Marti
It’s all about the momma.

When oh when will ‘Mad Men‘ come back? – Lois
The AMC hit kicks off its 13-episode fourth season on July 25. Of note, both Jared Harris (who plays Lane Pryce) and the girl who plays Sally Draper are on board as series regulars this go-round.

When will Season 7 of ‘NCIS‘ come out on DVD? I am on pins and needles wanting to find out. – Dmrj
Can you tough it out another, oh, 10 weeks? Season 7 hits stores on August 24, says

Weatherly Re-Signs With ‘NCIS’; Murray Now Lone Holdout

Originally, 13 episodes of ‘The Good Guys‘ were ordered, enough for a summer run. But then the show got a spot on Fox’s fall schedule, too. I thought to myself, “They will probably show some reality show on Mondays later in the summer, leaving some ‘Good Guys’ to spare for the fall.” Or has Fox ordered additional episodes? – Bernd
Good question. Thus far, a total of 13 episodes of ‘The Good Guys’ are being produced, which takes the show into early September. Beyond that… Well, I have to suspect Fox may be rethinking its fall plan, given the show’s mild ratings to date.

Is the ‘Warehouse 13‘ season premiere going to be two hours long again this year? – Sarah
Picking up from Season 1’s cliffhanger finale, Syfy’s most successful series ever will kick off round 2 with an hour-long episode airing Tuesday, July 6, at 9/8c.

Will ‘House‘ be back on? I think that is the best show. He has everyday problems like we do. – Nancy
As a matter of fact, yes, Fox is bringing back ‘House’ for another season! I’m glad, because the show gives me great ideas on where to stash my Vicodin.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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