‘Sons of Anarchy’ Boss: Ex-Hells Angel’s Lawsuit Is ‘Bogus’

'Sons of Anarchy' (Photo: FX)

'Sons of Anarchy' (Photo: FX)

A former head of the New York City chapter of the Hell’s Angels is suing FX over ‘Sons Of Anarchy,’ alleging that the motorcycle gang drama was based on his idea.

‘SOA’ creator Kurt Sutter in turn has called the claim “bogus,” adding (with some flourish) that “HAVING THE F–KING IDEA IS NOT THE SHOW.”

Chuck Zito, an ex-Hells Angel who’s reportedly now a “radio, television and film personality,” filed a $5 million breach of implied contract lawsuit against FX Tuesday in Los Angeles. Zito says he created a series about an “outlaw motorcycle club” back in 1998 and pitched it to FX execs in 2004.

The network passed, but later developed ‘Sons of Anarchy’ in 2006 with Sutter, who executive produced FX’s ‘The Shield.’

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Zito claims he had an ‘implied-in-fact contract’ with the network that guaranteed if his idea was used for a show, he would be “reasonably compensated and afforded appropriate screen credits,” according to TMZ.

FX has not commented on the lawsuit, but Sutter took to his blog to grumble, “It’s that time a year again where a disgruntled ex-biker decides that ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ was in fact his idea.”

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Sutter says Zito tried to file a claim against FX a few months ago but was abruptly dismissed by lawyers. As such, he is now “pissed and desperate.”

Sutter then colorfully launches into what he calls his “bi-monthly reminder to every delusional bi-ch who thinks that they’ve come up with the idea for ‘SOA’: HAVING THE F–KING IDEA IS NOT THE SHOW. THERE HAVE BEEN DOZENS OF OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE TV DRAMAS PITCHED IN THE LAST TEN YEARS. NONE OF THEM HAS MADE IT TO SERIES, EXCEPT SOA. BECAUSE THEY SUCKED. The same way there were dozens of mob family pitches before ‘The Sopranos’ and crime scene pitches before ‘CSI.'”

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“I guarantee you,” he continues, “the only similarity between Zito’s pitch and ‘SOA’ is that they wear cuts, do illegal things and ride Harleys.”

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