‘Criminal’ Cuts Anger Fans, Leave Stars ‘Befuddled’ and ‘Mystified’

A.J. Cook, 'Criminal Minds' (CBS)

A.J. Cook, 'Criminal Minds' (CBS)

Criminal Minds‘ fans are nearly of a single mind when it comes to the release of longtime cast member A.J. Cook (who plays JJ) and reduced episode count for Paget Brewster (Prentiss), with many deeming the Season 6 cuts a “massive” or “huge” mistake.

It is going to be the show’s downfall,” says Khrista, echoing the sentiment of 96 percent of Fancast readers who commented on the original news story. “People watch these shows for the group dynamic, and we don’t like change.”

Another fan, Eleanor, warned, “CBS has gone too far this time, messing up a good show that has a great ensemble cast.”

‘Criminal Minds’ Cuts Back On Female Cast

Fancast reader Joe called the decision – which was originally described as financially driven, then later spun as a creative call – “the most stupid and chauvinistic thing CBS could do.” especially in the wake of ‘CSI’ dropping Liz Vassey and CBS canceling the female-driven series ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Cold Case.’ “I have watched [‘Criminal Minds’] from the beginning but will stop now.”

The words “sexist” and “chauvinistic” were wielded by many to categorize the gender-themed cuts. As reader BeGood points out, if both JJ and Prentiss fall by the wayside, the only remaining woman is Garcia, “the computer geek who rarely goes to the crime scene.”

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Cook has been moved by the response from fans – some of who have started an online petition asking TPTB to rethink their decision. “Your kind words and support have made me feel wanted and loved!” the actress shared via Twitter.

Brewster was less restrained with her reaction, tweeting, “‘Creative Reasons’ has been an Executive Bulls–t excuse for DECADES. It IS financial.”

Of the ‘Minds’ men, Matthew Gray Gubler (who plays Reid) said on Twitter that he is “absolutely befuddled” by the news, while Thomas Gibson wrote, “To say we’re all mystified and disappointed is an understatement.”

Joe Mantegna has been busy retweeting requests to sign the aforementioned petition, saying, “We love [A.J. and Paget] and the show wouldn’t be the same without them.”

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So anxious are ‘Criminal Minds’ fans to assign blame that a few of you have set your sights on no, not the show’s producers, but a certain party animal who favors bowling shirts (and boffo paydays).

“Hmm, does this have anything to do with paying Charlie Sheen 1.78 MILLION DOLLARS AN EPISODE to pretty much play CHARLIE SHEEN on ‘Two and a Half Men’?” asks Kristen. “Way to go there, CBS!”

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