What Are People Watching On Demand? The Week’s Top Movies and TV

“Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made,” said Wayne Dyer. And so it is with time spent in front of the TV. What we watch is completely dependent on the choices we make. Silly but true. We’re particularly excited that Denzel Washington’s film ‘The Book of Eli‘ is now On Demand. Likewise the just begun new season of ‘True Blood.’ For more of what’s On Demand, click here.

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Below are the choices most people made On Demand for the week ending June 13.

Is it Leo DiCaprio? Or is it Martin Scorsese? No matter. The two superstars are a potent combination when it comes to movies – and they proved as much when their latest collaboration ‘Shutter Island’ hit On Demand’s and was immediately the most watched movie for the week ending June 13. Try it this weekend. It’s frightening – but excellent. “Not since ‘Raging Bull’ has Mr. Scorsese so brazenly married brutality to beauty,” said John Anderson in the Wall Street Journal. ” Not since ‘Kundun’ has one of his films felt so aspirational.”

1. Shutter Island
2. From Paris with Love
3. Alice in Wonderland
4. The Wolfman
5. Legion
6. Dear John
7. Valentine’s Day
8. The Young Victoria
9. Avatar
10. The Road

No surprise that ‘South Park’ tops the list of most watched TV shows. It’s strong week after week. But people checked out MTV’s new scripted series ‘The Hard Times of RJ Berger,’ a show about a high schooler with a big issue. If you’ve seen it, we’d love to know what you think. On a personal note, it’s satisfying to know that people are turning in to ‘Breaking Bad.’ We like to see quality get its due.

1. South Park
2. Tosh.0
3. The Hills
4. The Hard Times of RJ Berger
5. Breaking Bad
6. MTV Movie Awards
7. America’s Got Talent
8. Burn Notice
9. The Tudors
10.United States of Tara

Tell the truth: Are kids watching ‘SpongeBob’? Or are their parents? Probably both. In any event, just to catch you up on the latest, Victoria Beckham is going to play a queen in a special episode of SpongBob airing July 5. You’ll be glad to know that the show is a hit in the Beckham household. ‘When I told the boys I was going to be on the show, they were so excited!” she said.

1. SpongeBob
2. Victorious
3. Tom & Jerry
4. Unnatural History
5. Caillou
6. Dora the Explorer
7. Barney
8. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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