‘Idol’s’ Siobhan Magnus Dishes On Her Boyfriend: ‘We Share Something Special’

Siobhan Magnus (Frank Micelotta/FOX)

Siobhan Magnus (Frank Micelotta/FOX)

While Siobhan Magnus may not have won ‘American Idol’ this season, she may remember the past year as the one in which she met her boyfriend, film student Joe.

“He has seen the whole [‘Idol’] process happen to me,” Magnus tells Fancast. (The two met last August.) “It’s funny to look back on that. It wasn’t that long ago, but it feels like forever. Everything that has happened [is crazy].”

Magnus, 20, tells the story of her early courtship, “We just share something special. Our relationship has spanned the entire ‘Idol’ process. The first time I ever hung out with him for real, I was just trying to make conversation. I was in front of the judges for the first time. I said, ‘Can I tell you a secret? I just tried out for ‘American Idol,’ and I’m going to Hollywood.’ It was one of the first things I ever told him about myself. He’s like, ‘Oh, that’s pretty cool.’ I am like, ‘I know, it’s a little bit lame, it’s ‘American Idol,’ and it’s very mainstream.’ He had never heard me sing. I only mentioned that I was a singer.”

She adds, “He was a bit indifferent. He was like, ‘That’s what you do. Good luck.'”

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Magnus begins the 51-city ‘American Idol Live!’ tour July 1 in Detroit with the top ‘Idol’ contestants, going through Sept. 11 in Cleveland. She says she will talk on the phone with Joe if he doesn’t travel to meet her.

“My boyfriend I talk every day,” says Magnus. “He is great.”

While she may have been a front-runner at the beginning of last season’s ‘Idol,’ Magnus finished sixth. Asked what she is thinking next, she says, “I just have high hopes. All we can do right now is keep our fingers crossed that someone will pick us up and sign us.  I have stuff I have written over the past few years with my band, since we were juniors in high school, that I would love the chance to professionally record. Ideally, I would stay with my band because we work really well together. All of our different styles go well together. Hopefully, we will record our own album, and my dream would be to go on my own tour after that.”

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