Did ‘America’s Got Talent’ Find The New ‘Pants on the Ground’?

'America's Got Talent' (Ali Goldstein/NBC)

'America's Got Talent' (Ali Goldstein/NBC)

I will be in my studio. Up, up, up in my studio, studio.

That was the infectious chorus of Sponjetta Parrish’s epic hip-hop song ‘Studio,’ which somehow didn’t make it through to the next round on Tuesday’s ‘America’s Got Talent,’ from Orlando’s auditions. The instantly bouncy ‘Studio’ had the knowledgeable Nick Cannon dancing offstage immediately, who said it was going to the top of the charts. Parrish’s special song had a simple repetitive chorus: “I will be in the studio. Up, up, up in the studio, studio.” Good enough for the judges to continue singing it into commercial, but not good enough for Sponjetta to make it to the next round.

In My Studio, we salute ye. We hope you launch a million YouTube views. So much better than ‘American Idol‘s’ ‘Pants on the Ground.’

It’s always an act with some social significance that gets the most attention on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ It helps performers stand out from the crowd. A good singer becomes great when you learn his/her mother is sick, grew up poor, or is trying to save pets. It gives people something to root for. That is perhaps why extra attention was heaped Tuesday onto a soldier, who was also an average magician, William Scott Anderson, and a so-so pop group from Miami, with roots in devastated Haiti, Harmonik.

How cute was Simeon Mulder? The 16-year-old Dutch kid, who called himself Amadeus with a white old-style wig, rocked the house with piano skills. As Piers declared, his talent is among this season’s best competition. Simeon had an elegant, creative self-declared goal to do popular classics a new way. His sense of humor also stayed one step ahead of razor-sharp Howard Mandel. Does it strike anyone as weird, however, that the most talented American kid is from the Netherlands?

‘America’s Got Talent’ Has One Of Its Worst Days In Orlando

As cute as Simeon was, the night’s finale act of Sally Kohn, 75, a professional hand-whistler, may have been a little bit overrated. It was the end of the Portland, Oregon auditions, also known by the judges as the weird city. Portland included out-there acts such as Magique Bazaar, the Living Dead Girlz, and Bloody Maggie and Her Pet. Sally Kohn, with a walker, carrying a cane, and standing on a piece of wood to even out her legs of different sizes, looked to have seen better days. Her whistling rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’ was patriotic, and Howie put his hand over his heart. She racked up personality points when she joked about lubricating her hands, and selling her books for $12 onstage from her bag. There was something about the whistling talent, however, that just wasn’t that great.

Rebecca Roudman, 32, kind of blew it! Saying that she had played the cello for 26 years, and was a music teacher, Roudman had us prepared to really be blown away. Instead, she chose a creative rock ‘n roll interpretation of the cello sounded like jumbled noise and, according to Piers, the screams of hell.

Check Out the Best of Week 3

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/America-s-Got-Talent/2116/1524081642/Week-3%3A-Best-Moments/embed 580 476]

How cool was the kid Connor, 17, who could fly a kite inside to ‘Arms of an Angel’? He had epilepsy, and a story of how the kite-flying affected his ability to cope and feel good about himself. His overprotective mother stood off stage and teared up automatically when Piers said that he expected to laugh at Connor. But the kid’s earnestness won the judges over, even if the crowd wasn’t completely captivated with the dramatic impact.

Finally, one of the acts NBC has been teasing all season in their promos, Yogi Laser, made his appearance in the Orlando audition. It was just as bizarre as promised, as he could gyrate his buttocks with his head between his legs. The grossness of Yogi was quickly replaced by 28-year-old Fafo. Taking off panties and tight shirts, Fafo’s act of dancing to ‘It’s Raining Men’ didn’t strike anyone as charming. Both won the award for creepiest act of the night.

Savviest performance of the night: Airpacalypse, who looked like they liked to party. They picked Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’ to air-guitar to. Performed famously by Sharon’s husband Ozzy, ‘Paranoid’ is perfect air guitar. It made her more likely to like the group, which was quite cheesy. See you In Vegas.

Meanwhile, ‘Studio’ stays home. She may become a bigger viral star, after all.

What did you think? Who did you like?

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