Brian Williams Slow-Jams The News With Jimmy Fallon

It’s hard to imagine Diane Sawyer doing this.

Last night on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon busted out one of his most popular comedy bits – Slow Jammin’ The News – and once again, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams came on to help. This time, he was subjecting himself to being called “Brilliams” and “Bri Willie” by the host while trying to make the oil spill into a sexy R&B groove, with lines like “let’s get together and build some wind turbines – you know all they want to do is get blown.” True, Williams plays the straight man for the most part here, but it’s hard to keep one’s cool when Black Thought of The Roots is crooning that Fallon “Bri-curious.”

Watch the show below and see if you dig it.

[iframe 580 476]

Williams is known for being as funny as he is talented as a journalist, and he’s a regular on the late-night comedy circuit, able to trade barbs with Jon Stewart and David Letterman, and he was always there for Conan O’Brien when he was still doing late night. This does bring to mind the big question, though – do you think goofing around on comedy shows undercuts Williams’ credibility as a serious newsman, or does it make you that much more inclined to trust him? Would seeing Sawyer and Katie Couric getting involved in these kinds of shenanigans make you more inclined to watch their shows?

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