Jimmy Kimmel Turns Technical Difficulties Into Unique Television

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live didn’t exactly live up to its title, but it was attention-grabbing nonetheless. Thanks to some kind of selective power outage right before taping time on Monday night that neutralized their cameras, they had to play a rerun that night. However, Jimmy Kimmel still had an audience of people to entertain, so he grabbed his laptop and filmed an entire show, complete with comedy bits, interviews and a musical performance that aired Tuesday night.

At first, it came off understandably awkward, as Kimmel just wandered around his office introducing people and pointing out various objects, but once he brought the computer out on stage to energetic applause, watching a big-time network talk show as if it was a webisode became an interesting novelty.

After chatting with a few audience members and seeming to regret allowing one of them to perform a bit of “Ice Ice Baby,” which anyone who’s ever gone out for a karaoke night is sick of hearing, he settled down to do his show as well as he could. Seth Rogen rolled with the punches and came out to premiere the trailer for his new superhero film The Green Hornet, and managed to share a couple of stories about how cowardly he is in real life. Then Kimmel hauled the computer back into the dressing room to talk to John Henson, who plugged his show Wipeout as well as his impending nuptials, before bringing out country music star Dierks Bentley for a performance, stating “luckily, this is one of the rare occasions where we have a band talented enough to play without electric instruments.”

Despite the splash he made during the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien fiasco by doing an entire show dressed as Leno to mercilessly mock him, Kimmel still has an outsider status in the general late night conversation. However, that’s always the best place to be for a comedian because they can take risks like this, even if it’s pretty likely it’s not the kind of thing he’s going to want to do again. There’s only so much pixelation we can endure on our big fancy HD TVs, you know.

Watch the Power Outage episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live right here.

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