Madsen’s ‘View’ of Actor’s Refusal to Do Sex Scene with Her

Virginia Madsen of 'Scoundrels' (Photo: ABC)

Virginia Madsen of 'Scoundrels' (Photo: ABC)

Who wouldn’t want to jump into bed with sexy ‘Scoundrels‘ star Virginia Madsen? Her TV husband, as it turns out.

How’s that for an unusual twist–a TV show faced with a no sex scandal.

Madsen appeared on ‘The View‘ Wednesday to promote her new ABC show about a family of petty criminals, where the “pre-show drama”–i.e., the ‘firing’ of Neal McDonough–that emerged on-set became a topic of conversation.

Actor Neal McDonough, who last appeared as Edie Britt’s diabolical mate Dave on ‘Desperate Housewives,’ was originally cast to play Madsen’s husband on ‘Scoundrels’ but was replaced three days into shooting after to refusing to do a sex scene with his leading lady.

The 44-year-old actor, who’s a married father of three, is devoutly Catholic and, in a refreshing Hollywood twist, won’t perform love scenes due to his religious beliefs.

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked the actress about the delicate situation that developed behind the scenes. While Madsen commended McDonough’s principles, she admitted she thought his revelation was poorly played.

“Neil was recast. I know it was a mutual decision,” Madsen says of McDonough’s sudden departure. “I’m pretty new to the TV world, so I understand this happens all the time, especially when you’re shooting a pilot.”

“But I just have to say … Page 1, Scene 1 read ‘husband and wife making love,'” Madsen says of the pilot’s script, “so whatever your religious views are–I respect that, I deeply respect that–but don’t keep it in your back pocket and bring it out after we’ve been shooting for a few days.”

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Despite the bedroom bust, Madsen seems pretty happy with her new costar David James Elliott and says the husband swap turned out for the best.

“Here’s the thing: I think in every dilemma there’s a gift,” Madsen says, “and the gift of that dilemma–because what happened really was not that dramatic–was David James Elliott. When he came in to play my husband, I was like, HELLO!,” grinned Madsen, adding, “He’s six-foot-five, you know…”

“He didn’t have any problem making love, did he?” smirked Sherri Shepherd about the hunky ‘JAG‘ star.

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‘Scoundrels’ airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. /EST on ABC.

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