Jimmy Fallon Shoots Spaghetti Into Craig Ferguson’s Eyes

Yes, you read that right.

In an unprecedented bit of late night tom foolery, Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon shot spaghetti out of his eyes on NBC, and over on CBS, the spaghetti landed right into the surprised eyes of The Late Late Show’s Craig Ferguson a minute later. Sure, it was all bad low-budget graphic shenanigans, but with all the acrimony in late night TV, this sort of weird comedy crossover seems a little bit amazing. Ferguson called it “the spaghetti that ended the late night wars.”

Fallon worked it in as part of his “Audience Suggestion Box” bit, pretending someone asked him to fire spaghetti out of his eyes at his competitor, so he did. Then Ferguson interrupted his monologue to mumble about something happening to his eyes and he caught the noodles with his face. It was very weird, but refreshingly innovative and amusingly meta.

Not too long ago, the free-wheeling Ferguson waved with a big Mickey Mouse hand at Fallon, noting that the big hate-fest that erupted around Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien over The Tonight Show, not to mention the long-standing Leno vs. David Letterman bitterness, led people to think that Ferguson needed to start considering himself in a war with Fallon, and he just outright refused to do that. “Instead of pretending to hate him, I pretend to like him,” he quipped last night.

It’s Ferguson’s style to go against the grain, no matter which way the grain is going. Heck, he even said Fallon’s show is “frankly, better than this,” referring to his own show. “Not every night, but tonight’s his night.” Later, he added “flip the thing and have a look at his show. It’s actually good! He’s got a band and everything! Look what I’ve got here, a f**king skeleton!” Geoff Peterson, Craig’s robot skeleton sidekick, wasn’t thrilled to hear that.

That can’t be thrilling CBS, either, having their guy openly plug his competition on another network, but at the same time, what better way to get buzz going about the late late night area than the exact opposite of the animosity that so many people are sick of hearing about?

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