Screaming at the Dreamy on Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ Special

The build-up to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ratched up another few notches last night, as Jimmy Kimmel Live did an primetime special on ABC to promote the film. The whole franchise is such a phenomenon that one has to wonder if Summit Entertainment paid for an hour-long commercial on ABC – which is essentially what the show was – or if ABC paid to have Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and the rest of the cast on for a big vampire-werewolf lovefest.

Personal stories were shared about Taylor going shark-diving despite his terror, Rob’s inability to get his hand around beefy Taylor’s shoulder during their big confrontation, and new evil vampire Xavier Samuel getting bit by raccoons while on set in Vancouver. They also decided to mess with a theater full of Twi-hards at a sneak peek screening by stopping the movie halfway through and broadcasting live to them, just to watch them scream. They also replayed an old Kimmel show nugget featuring a reimagining of Twilight as portrayed by the cast of Jersey Shore.

They closed the show by opening it up to questions from Twilight fans, which was dangerous. It got a little creepy when someone apparently obsessed with what’s in Rob’s closet asked him about some old stitched up T-shirt, another pleaded for Taylor to take his clothes off and yet another asked Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen, the patriarch of the clan) if his wife wants him to “roleplay” as a vampire. An interesting bit of rivalry with screaming young girls, for those of you who may be curious – apparently Twi-hards have no interest in having Justin Bieber in Breaking Dawn, judging by the boos the idea got.

Kimmel did a decent job of putting aside his generally raunchy sense of humor to play softball with the cast to keep it tween-friendly, although there was one moment that got some gasps. Kristen was mentioning that Taylor’s brown make-up winds up on her face, and Jimmy quipped that “it’s just like making out with Oprah,” after which he turned to the surprised crowd and added “This isn’t 60 Minutes, you know.”

Just try to imagine what Andy Rooney would have to say about Twi-hards or sparkly vampires.

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