‘SYTYCD’ Top 10 Dazzles and Disappoints

'SYTYCD's Robert and Anya (Photo: Fox)

'SYTYCD's Robert and Anya (Photo: Fox)

Krump and Bollywood?! Hell to the yay!

After last week’s more traditional dance styles (we had contemporary, jazz, and ballroom, etc.) it was exciting to see ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ mix it up big time on Wednesday night’s Top 10 performance show with different genres that were well played out by such talent.

But we can’t forget that talent only gets the hopefuls so far. And that is why it’s hard not to point out that, while the night’s opening performance by Cristina with all-star Pasha in their Paso Doble might have been technically titillating, when she opened her mouth with the lovely Cat Deeley afterward – and little came out – she lost my vote with her lack of personality.

So, what’s more important – technique or personality? I say both. You can debate that in the comments below. That’s why in this recap, I’m choosing my top four that had the perfect mix of steps and swagger, persona and perfection, and feel and footwork to write, er, home about.

As judge Mia Michaels put it best: “Remember dance is an art form, but it’s a heart form.”

Well put, Mia!

That said, my favorite four that had the perfect mix of heart and hard-work – and were not necessarily the judges’ favorites – are:

Ashley and Mark: Jazz: Beautiful, sensual and emotive, Ashley surely proved she knows what love is in this romp to Annie Lennox’s “Wonderful.” It was pure joy to watch. It was love in bloom via dance. Nigel Lythgoe said it was danced “brilliantly,” but thought it was more contemporary than jazz. “You are one of my favorite girls, by far, for sure,” said Mia, who urged her to be careful in her transitions. Adam Shankman, too, was more critical than praising but still said she was “pretty fab.”

Billy and Comfort: Krump: Hailing from South Central L.A., krump is tough, rough, and oh-so-street. So I was shocked that little Billy B. Buck, as they called him, actually pulled it off. The judges weren’t as supportive. Mia said she was “a little freaked out” and that he was trying to be a badass, but it didn’t quite work out. She even called him “Billy B. Whack,” while Nigel just doesn’t get that music, admittedly. “You were trying so hard out there,” noted Nigel, also not a fan of this one. “That was a bad experiment,” added Adam, who still called him one of the best performers on the show.

Robert and Anya, Argentine Tango: Put a good looking man (Robert) and what is arguably the sexiest dance out there (the Argentine Tango) together and magic is a must. It even gave Cat chills. “It gave me chills and ballroom doesn’t normally do that to me,” she said. “You looked magnificent out there,” said Nigel, who called it one of the best routines of the night. Mia, though, complained that Robert didn’t devour Anya enough. Whatevs! Adam fancied his footwork and thought he looked fabulous but “really stressed out.” Huh?

Jose and Kathryn, Bollywood: Okay, the outfits and props were a little inauthentic, but the dance, as Usher would say: Oh My God. It was fun, light-hearted, and whimsical. Nigel didn’t think it was quite Indian enough, but added he has got a “really good talent.” Mia said, “I love you so much right now. You made us smile.” She also said he was so wrong it was right. Again, whatevs! It was fun and I had a good time watching. Didn’t you? … Did you?

Who do you think will go home tonight? Which were your favorite performances. Hit the comments!

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