Two Phillies Step Up to The ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Plate

The Philadelphia Phillies’ first and second basemen are set to guest star on the new season of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ reports  Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are known to many as the team leaders of the National League Champions, and known to fans of the cult FX comedy as the objects of Mac’s (Rob McElhenney) undying affection.

In last’s season’s  ‘The World Series Defense,’ the gang tries to sneak into the World Series after losing their tickets.  Once inside their plan was to create a diversion so that Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson) could run on to the field and kiss one of the Phillies.  Mac stressed his preference for Dee to smooch Utley in order for her to deliver a love letter he wrote to the left-handed batter.

According to Utley said reps from the series contacted him about appearing in an episode.  “I’ve watched the show a couple times and it’s a funny show,” Utley said. “I figure I’d give it a shot.”

Watch Sweet Dee read Mac’s Letter:

[iframe 580 476]

McElhenney, a Philadelphia native, recently opened his own bar in the City of Brotherly Love called Mac’s Tavern. Thursday night, Howard and Utley attended an invite-only party along with McElhenney, and other ‘Sunny’ castmembers.

So, will we get to see Utley’s reaction to the love letter?  Only time will tell. ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ returns for its sixth season on FX this Spring.

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