‘America’s Got Talent’ Spawns Viral Video With ‘Studio’

Sponjetta Parrish

Sponjetta Parrish ('America's Got Talent')

Sponjetta Parrish – the singer who was sent home in Orlando’s auditions on Tuesday’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ – is pure money on the Internet.

Parrish’s appearance on the NBC summer show, singing her original hip-hop song ‘Studio,’ has become a viral hit on YouTube, drawing more than 228,000 views since posting Tuesday (as of Friday morning) on NBC’s YouTube channel for the TV show. NBC’s video is one of several videos of the clip online, with another getting 70,000 views.

Parrish, 31, a customer service representative, has been drawing raves for her simple, infectious refrain of “I’ll be in my studio, studio. Up, up, up in my studio, studio” in ‘Studio’ – but on the Internet, not from the show’s judges, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel. Some comments on the video’s YouTube page, which number more than 1,000, are asking for the song to be available on iTunes.

Watch Sponjetta’s ‘Studio’ Below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/America-s-Got-Talent/2116/1528612240/Sponjetta-Parrish-s-Audition/embed 580 476]

‘Studio’ was helped along by ‘America’s Got Talent’ host Nick Cannon, who is a hip-hop DJ. Cannon added humor, and told the judges  that they had overlooked a “diamond in the rough” and “missed the mark again.” He championed the song to the camera saying, “That’s top of the charts, right there.”

Cannon also performed ‘Studio’ with Parrish again, adding inflections of traditional hip-hop songs, such as yelling at the audience to stand up and bounce.

Parrish’s viral success has been compared to ‘American Idol’s’ ‘Pants on the Ground’ phenomenon, a song so bad it became famous. The difference with ‘Studio’ is that it may be legitimately a money-making song. Its beat is radio-ready and Parrish’s voice is serviceable.

Could this possibly call into question the talent Morgan, Osbourne and Mandel are passing through?

“The lyrics seem a bit limited,” Morgan said. Osbourne added, “Sponjetta, you have a great personality. You are very likable. The writing, anyway, is a work in progress.” Mandel mocked Parrish, saying that “maybe” it was good he “won’t be able to get out of [his] head for a long time.”

No word yet on Parrish’s plans post-‘America’s Got Talent.’

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