Deep Soap: The Younger Actor Daytime Emmy Nominees Tell All

Zack Convrey

Zack Conroy (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The Younger Leading Actor category is one of the most interesting slots at this year’s Daytime Emmys.  Four of the five nominees are no longer playing the roles for which they were nominated. I spoke to the three frontrunners, Drew Garrett (Ex-Michael ‘General Hospital‘), Zack Conroy (ex-James ‘Guiding Light‘/Oliver “The Bold & The Beautiful‘) and Scott Clifton (ex-Schuyler ‘One Life To Live‘/Liam ‘The Bold & The Beautiful‘) at the Television Academy’s Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception.

Drew Garrett: “Everything Happens For A Reason”

What are your emotions surrounding your Emmy nomination?
I’m excited. I’m flattered. It creates some closure for me and GH.  It’s in Vegas so what better place to go party and celebrate the year?  I’m on Cloud Nine right now.

Have you thought about what you would say in your acceptance speech?
I can’t say that unless I win.

What would you like to say to your fans?  There’s still a lot of people wondering what happened.
All I can say is that everything happens for a reason.  There wasn’t any conflicts it was just they wanted to go in a different direction with the character, maybe soften him up.  Whatever they wanted to do, it didn’t include myself.  So it was great while it lasted but onto the next thing.

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Would you do another soap?
Absolutely.  I auditioned for an ‘All My Children‘ role, Asher. They went older, which is totally cool. I’m kind of just seeing what comes my way.  I’m staying optimistic and staying focused and going to class and working hard.

Which scenes did you submit for the Emmy?
I submitted right after I killed Claudia.  It’s kind of the aftermath of my killing Claudia and the montage.  There have been some people saying that it might not have been the best choice, but you live and learn.

Are you still in touch with any of your GH castmates?
Absolutely.  I still keep in touch with Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina).  I see Bradford [Anderson] at auditions. I bumped into Maurice [Bernard] when I stopped by the studio.  It’s a closely knit family and I am really glad that I got to share that year.

How would you sum up your GH experience?
A great year.  An action packed, drama packed, awesome year.

What lessons did you learn?
One of the most important lessons I learned is to learn how to become indispensable.

Zack Conroy: “Don’t Have Mask Parties”

How does it feel being an Emmy nominee?
It feels pretty good.  Pretty surprising. It’s pretty cool given that last year was my first Emmy experience.  If you told me a year that I’d be nominated, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Where are you going to party?
My parents are coming out, so I’m going to try and entertain them.

You are nominated for ‘Guiding Light’ which is unfortunately no longer on the air.  But now you have the hottest storyline on ‘The Bold &The Beautiful.’
Kim Matula [Hope] and I are actually going to be presenting at the Emmys which is pretty surprising and fun too — Outstanding Game Show Host.

Have you thought about what you’re going to say if you win?
I’m not going to win, but if I do I’ll keep it short.

Why do you think you’re not going to win?
Compared to the other reels that I’ve seen in the past.  I’m very happy I got nominated.

[iframe—Drudging-Up-the-Past/embed 580 476]

Where is Oliver’s storyline with Brooke and Hope headed?
I’m not sure where it’s going eventually.  I seem to be playing opposite Katherine Kelly Lang right now.  She’s a fantastic actress.  I went from having a love triangle with two sisters to having a love triangle with a Mom and a daughter.  It’s kind of fun.

The scenes with Oliver and Brooke have been hilarious.  The more you think about the situation, the funnier it is.
It’s ridiculous.  That’s what a lot of the scenes are about now: how did this happen?  It was just one of those crazy, one in a lifetime chance of happening.

Is there going to be a continued attraction between Brooke and Oliver?
I think there could be.  The fact that they’re covering it up together is kind of bringing them closer together in a way that a girl’s mother and boyfriend usually aren’t tied.  The fact that Oliver had sex with her before he even had sex with his own girlfriend is shocking.

Do you think that Oliver and Hope’s relationship has a chance of surviving once the truth comes out?
Maybe not immediately but eventually.

Have you thought of shooting a PSA to say, “Hey, kids, this is why you should not have sex while wearing masks?”
No, I haven’t had that thought.  How about,”Don’t have mask parties.”  I think this happened on ‘Gossip Girl‘ too.

I think ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ taught the world that lesson.
Don’t put masks on.  Bad things happen.

How do you like working with your new TV family, Rick Hearst and Sarah Brown?
I was thinking about this the other day.  Between us, we’ve been on almost every soap. It’s kind of wild how much experience one family has.

Brad Bell’s smart.  Whenever someone really good gets written off another soap, he hires them.
Yay for him.  I’m so happy he did that.  It’s going to be fun at the Emmys.  We’re going to have a 60% chance of winning my category.

Scott Clifton: “At  Least I Got To Go Out With A Bang”

You gave an Emmy-worthy performance and then you got written off ‘One Life To Live’.  Are there mixed emotions
It’s really nice for me because it makes me feel like what I did there was good.  It’s validating.  I’m happy just to be nominated.

You’ve got a really good chance of winning.
I try not to think about that.

Have you thought about your acceptance speech?
If I say anything, we only get less than thirty seconds.  That starts the second your name is called so out of respect I’m just going to go up there and say, “Thanks a lot everybody.”

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You’ve got a great joke area about everyone getting fired from ABC soaps and going to work on B&B. You could pull that joke off and not have it come across as mean.
I know.  But there’s just no time this year. In fact, the younger actor category wasn’t supposed to go up on stage this year.  But people made a stink about it so they put us back in.

Schuyler went from this smart, rootable guy to a psycho in about three episodes.
It was fun for me because I got to play these different kinds of things.  I got to play more variety ironically on ‘One Life To Live‘ than I did on the four years on ‘General Hospital‘ even though Dillon was such a dynamic character.

Looking back, did the character of Stacy Morasco manage to mess up the entire canvas of OLTL?
I don’t know.  I know there was a lot of trouble about what to do with her because I guess fans weren’t so all about her. Not the actress (Crystal Hunt), the actress was amazing, the character.  They did a really good job of problem solving and tying it all together.  Overall, it was a really cool arc.

But it seems like almost everyone involved in the storyline got written off.
Sometimes you just don’t have anything else you can do with a character.  At least I got to go out with a bang as opposed to fizzling out over a long time.

Tell me about the new character you are going to be playing on ‘The Bold & The Beautiful.’
I can’t tell you too much because I actually don’t know too much.  His name is Liam Cooper.  He’s an intern at one of the companies on the show, a computer tech guy.  Brad Bell has something in mind.  It’s going to develop. I know I’m going to be working with Jacqueline Wood (Steffie.)

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