Users Speak: Have We Fallen Out Of Love With Reality Romance?

Jake and Vienna in happier days. (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Jake and Vienna in happier days. (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

The relationship between ‘Bachelor‘ stars Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi ended this week, surprising a sum total of zero people.  We can all agree they were mismatched from the start, what with he of the good ol’ Southern boy ilk, and her of the good ol’ Southern Comfort variety. Our question? Are we ready to quit believing that true love is attainable from reality dating shows? Veteran reality producer Marki Costello of thinks so, as she recently wrote:

The time has come to realize the jig is up. People are doing reality shows not to fall in love but to be seen on national television. I had the opportunity to meet Vienna recently, and as I was talking to her about her future plans, she said – and I quote – “I’m a celebrity, and Jake and I have been on more covers then any other Bachelor or Bachelorette.” It was at that moment that I realized what those shows have become. Look at Melissa Rycroft and Jake doing Dancing with the Stars – the biggest show on television – after their stints on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I stopped watching those shows because to me it became a talent show. I might as well watch Americas Got Talent than The Bachelor because it’s not a show about falling in love. So I think its time to call it quits or change the creative.

As one editor here at Fancast pointed out, ‘The Biggest Loser,’ a reality show about weight loss, has a better romantic track record than ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ combined. And although ‘The Bachelorette’ continues to rate well on ABC, even the most devout romantics are dubious of Ali finding everlasting love. So what do people think about the state of reality dating shows, and more specifically, this new wrinkle in the Jake and Vienna saga? We cherry picked our favorite comments of the week below. Check ’em out, then give us your take!

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And people wonder why our country is in such sad shape? A whole generation of losers looking for 15 min. of fame and a fat paycheck for doing nothing but standing around looking pretty. “Reality” TV does nothing but reveal how out of touch with REALITY this country is. Truly pathethic and sad! — WakeUpAmerica

These two deserve each other. Two narcissists fighting over the spotlight.
 The whole Bachelor or Bachelorette premise is just prime time Maury Povich…white trash trying to get their five minutes of fame. — Guy

These “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” shows on ABC are so stupid and make me sick just thinking about it! It’s nothing but a dramafest for ratings; that goes for both shows! All these shows represent is two unknown people pairing up and going on televised dates….for what?! Why would anyone care about two “normal” people going out on a date? I’m still very much puzzled as to why the original “Bachelor” was so popular….it was probably due to all the hens (married or not) flocking over to see their big waxed hunky “bachelors” on TV, which we all know that they are only going out with their so-called “Bachelorettes” just so they can be paid a lump sum for each episode, and continue to fake out the public in believing that both are really serious in their relationships! Spare me! — What A Joke

“I made the best decision on ‘The Bachelor.’” The choices obviously weren’t good to begin with. And it wasn’t just the women; he wasn’t exactly a great pick himself…fake, fake, fake. All of them. Can people please get over the whole pathetic reality TV thing…it truly sucks. — hurray

wouln’t it be great if Ali got a call from Jake right before she was to make the final decision and said he was still madly in love with her and wanted another chance, like she did to him?? That would have been interesting!!!!!:) — Dawn

I do like the show and like to see where the dates take them around the world; it’s better than another boring Crime or Hospital story or re-run show. I think everyone knows it’s really a strange setup for all these gorgeous people to have to seek out love in this fashion..obviously, the far majority are there for anything but love. This breakup drama is just an extension to an already ridiculous scenario.. so go ahead, spill it all Jake and Vienna with the “he said/she said/and the prompt cards will fill in the rest for you” I will be there to watch the somewhat entertaining pop fiction. — Lisa

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