‘The Bachelorette’: Kasey Reclaims His Heart, Jonathan Was ‘Supposed To Be Emotional’

Kasey and Jonathan on The Bachelorette (ABC)

Kasey and Jonathan on The Bachelorette (ABC)

While ‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky is busy flying to Istanbul, Turkey, with her remaining Romeos, ex-nayed rosebuds Kasey Kahl and Jonathan Novack (a.k.a. the Weatherman) took some time out in a conference call with reporters to dish on their unrequited love and their experience on the show–and boy, were these sensitive scrappers ready to yap!

Check out the Kasey and JoJo show in their own words:

It’s All Love for Kasey

About that unrelenting ‘guard and protect your heart’ deal:
“That’s how I’ve always felt, so that’s always who I am, and that’s just how it came out. It was a natural thing that came out, and it became a motto of the show because that’s who I am.”

About Justin winning the two-on-one date:
“Definitely not fun, absolutely not fun. You see a guy who you think is definitely there for the wrong reasons–you know is there for the wrong reasons in your heart–and she chooses him over you. But I think at the end of the day, [Ali] did it for her and she did it for me to choose him…that’s the best decision she made because she stopped the emotions, she stopped the feelings, and it was not meant to be.”

About that corny ink stain:
“I got [the tattoo] to show that I was genuine and sincere because that’s who I am. And, you know, it doesn’t necessarily mean that was for Ali, I absolutely cared for Ali, and I wanted to show her I was here for her and here for the right reasons. But I mean in the long run, it is for me. It is for who I am and to show that no matter what, I always want to guard and protect the heart of my future wife or girlfriend or whoever.”

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About trying to be the long-lost Backstreet Boy:
“I’m obviously not a singer. I don’t sing. You obviously don’t get to see everything that happens and the cameras don’t show everything, or the whole scene. When we were sitting in the park, we were sitting there playing a little rhyming game back and forth–she would do a line, I would do a line, and then she was like, ‘Oh, you should just make up a song,’ and so I just kind of went with it and had fun. And I tell you, good or bad, everyone loves karaoke, right? We were just having a good time.”

About who’s great for Ali:
“I think Frank would be great for Ali; I think he’s everything that she wanted. Frank is a great guy, and I think Frank is definitely what she was looking for.”

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Jon Boy Time

About his poofy-haired antagonist Craig M:

“Craig wasn’t the only guy I didn’t like in the house, but I legitimately thought there was a problem there with [him] being in this house and especially when the Jesse thing happened and that went on all night. Producers had to keep pulling Craig away because he kept trying to get Jesse to basically punch him. That’s why I used the word ‘dangerous’ because someone who’s trying to get into physical fights with other guys in the house–I mean what’s he going to do in a relationship with Ali?”

About his career as a weatherman:
“Well, I’ve done weather, and I’ve also done entertainment through my last three stations. Right now I’m off contract, so I’m auditioning for both weather jobs and entertainment jobs, and I’m probably going to head out to LA here in the next couple of months and get back into stand-up comedy as well.”

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About why he cried in the Barenaked Ladies’ music vid:
“It was the scene. It was acting. If you look at the beginning of that whole thing, you see how I’m kind of pensive and contemplative and what not, the beginning of that whole part of that episode. I was actually trying to get into the character…I’m supposed to be emotional.”

About Justin:
“You know, I tried, I gave Justin the benefit of the doubt for a while, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s that big of a jerk. I guess we’ll find out. But I did, I tried to have his back, but in the end he was his own worst enemy I think.”

About who’s great for Ali:
“I would think Roberto would be up there and maybe Kirk. Of all the guys in the house, I thought Roberto was the most stand-up, straight up like great guy; he was a very solid dude, and I think she seems to see that in him.”

About people swirling rumors that he’s totally gay:
“They can think what they want; it’s not true. That’s really funny. Like if you ask any of my friends they’d be laughing their asses off right now.”

About the best part of the whole experience:
“Damn, that’s tough. How about, I got a great tan. I think the best part was seeing that there are great girls out there and kind of giving me or keeping that hope that I can find somebody.”

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