‘Hung’s Second Season Promises Booty, Baby Talk, and…?

Thomas Jane in Hung (HBO)

Thomas Jane in Hung (HBO)

If you didn’t tune into HBO’s manwhore comedy ‘Hung‘ last season, we have three words to entice you to give season two a try:


Let’s booty-up first: “There’s a lot of doing it. I like to do it. I spend more time nude in front of 150 crewmembers than I did in my own house. I hope it’s exciting to watch, but for me it’s as exciting as wrapping fish,” says Thomas Jane, who plays Ray Drecker, a financially strapped Detroit teacher and high school basketball coach who resorts to prostitution to make a living. Does that mean season two promises even more nudity than season one? “Oh yes!” says Colette Burson, creator and executive producer.

Booty aside, someone has babies on the brain this season, which will be a major storyline for Anne Heche (Ray’s ex wife Jessica Haxon) and Eddie Jemison (Jessica’s husband Dr. Ronnie Haxon). “The baby is major throughout the whole season — and making the baby and not wanting the baby,” Jemison says. So, wait, that means Jessica does get pregnant and they do have a baby? “Well,” he quickly corrects himself, “the trying part…the bedroom part.”

As for that first “b,” it’s not exactly what you think. Jemison explains: “Ronnie has a beaver problem. Beavers are in our house supposedly, and I don’t know if I believe there’s a beaver and Ray comes and takes over the situation. Ray is the beaver man.”

And the “beaver man” has his hands full big time this season between dueling pimps Tanya Skagle (Jane Adams) and Lenore Bernard (Rebecca Creskoff), and the stealth rekindling of his friendship with his ex-wife. “It’s something that we play quite a bit this season – that tension and will they possibly get back together,” says creator/executive producer Dmitry Lipkin of Ray and Jessica’s relationship.

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“Ray is still in love with his ex wife,” explains Jane. “What a terrible position to be in. I really emphasize with the guy. He wants his ex wife back and I think he’s learning how to be a stronger guy in a crazy world. And, not only is he learning how to be a more desirable man to women, he’s also figuring out why it’s important to be a strong, more confidant man for himself as well. That’s what I’m having fun doing.”

Other fun things in store for season two:

*A third pimp’s in the mix (Lennie James as Charlie): “He gives her old school street pimp advice,” says Creskoff. “We do see Tanya try to use some of his more street smart pimpy moves.”

*Horny Patty (Lauren Weedman) is back! “That was too good to waste,” says Burson.

*Lenore vs. Tanya: “I do creepy things to her,” says Creskoff.

*Coach Mike Hunt gets some action? “It’s baseball season and there does come a time when Mike has to pinch hit,” reveals Gregg Henry.

*Damon’s new lady friend? “I form a new friendship with someone who you would not expect to form a friendship with, for a 16-year-old boy still in high school…Maybe he’s cougar hunter. Maybe not,” says Charlie Saxton (Ray’s son Damon Drecker).

‘Hung”s second season premiere is this Sunday, June 27 at 10-10:30 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

How does season two sound to you? Talk about it in the comments below.

The Oldest Profession in the World:

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