Bristol Palin: Admitting Pregnancy To Parents Was ‘Harder Than Labor’

When ABC Family’s ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘ needed a guest star to play in a storyline that involved a pregnant unwed 17-year-old girl, who did they call? There was only one answer: America’s most famous once-17 unwed pregnant girl: Bristol Palin.

Palin, the now-19-year-old daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and single mom to 1 1/2-year-old Tripp, told Fancast at a Los Angeles press junket Monday that she wanted to guest on the popular teen drama because of the parallels between her real life and character Adrian Lee (Francia Raisa)’s. “I just thought it was a good line up,” says Bristol, “with what she has gone through and I just thought it was a good fit.”

But more than that, the guest spot — which airs Monday, July 5 at 8 p.m. ET – is yet another vehicle for this single teen mother to spread her message. And, that message is? “It is possible to raise a child and to be a single mom and be able to provide for your child. It’s difficult, but it’s possible,” she says. “Teen pregnancy is so real [but] it’s so preventable. Before it happens, think about your future, what college you want to go to, and what career you want to have. Having a baby young puts you on the fast track to adulthood.”

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Bristol, whose son Tripp made the visit to L.A. with her, says the things she misses the most about losing out on a part of her childhood is “hanging out with friends.

“I can’t pick up and go to the mall or get my hair done. It’s all about Tripp. You become an adult so quickly. That’s been difficult.”

Not as difficult as the moment when she had to tell her parents she was pregnant: “That was harder than labor.” That said, it was an easy decision to keep the baby — on ‘Secret Life’ Adrian is still pondering that decision for herself. “I knew I was strong enough to do this by myself and to be a parent and I knew that with my religious background, so it was no adoption or abortion for me. There was no decision. I wanted that baby.”

Bristol Palin Makes Awkward Acting Debut

What she doesn’t exactly want is another acting role. “I was definitely nervous [shooting my scenes],” she says. “This is intimidating. I had a great time. But, I wasn’t that prepared because I started practicing the lines the morning of the shoot. I don’t think I want to do more acting. I don’t think acting is my niche. I don’t want to be an actress,” she says, adding that she doesn’t plan to be on her mom’s upcoming TLC travelogue series. “It’s not a reality show,” she says, in a case anyone still wondered. And, “No, I will not be on it.”

So what is in her future? “I like doing speaking engagements.”

So, do you think Bristol’s sending the right message out there? Do you think Adrian should follow suit and keep her baby on the show? Tell us about it in the comments.

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