Deep Soap: A ‘Bitter’ (And Sweet) Night For Daytime Emmy Winners

Bradley Bell (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Bradley Bell (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

It was an emotional night for the winners of the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys.  It was pure joy for Executive Producer Brad Bell and the staff of ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’, who won their second consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, while it was bittersweet for the three cast members of  the canceled ‘As The World Turns’ who won awards just days after taping the final episode of the longrunning soap opera.

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The biggest winner of the night was B&B which won not only Outstanding Drama Series, but outstanding writing for the first time in the show’s 23 year history.  Said Executive Producer and Head Writer Brad Bell, whose father Bill Bell created the series, “It’s really sweet because we spend so much time on the scripts… I did feel my Dad’s presence in the room. He’s still my partner.”   He felt that the inclusion of this year’s hottest star, Betty White, in the episodes that were submitted helped secure the win.  “We did the die with dignity story with Betty White.  It was the first time she really died on television, and we were very honored to have her do that for us.”

Winners at 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

B&B also scored an unexpected victory when Drew Tyler Bell, who plays Thomas, won Outstanding Younger Leading Actor.  Most pundits expected one of the other nominees to win.  A thrilled Bell told the press room, “I was surprised on the telecast because they said ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ and I’m the only one nominated from ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ but two of the other [nominated] actors are on ‘Bold & The Beautiful’ now.

As The World TurnsMichael Park (Jack) won for Outstanding  Leading Actor.  An emotional Park teared up as he told the press room, “We all work so hard at what we do, but knowing for six months that we aren’t going to have a job anymore made it that much harder to go to work every day with smiles on our faces.  We did.  The writing was lacking because [headwriter] Jean [Passante] found a new job… Each day, knowing that sooner or later, the inevitable was going to happen, and we were going to have to say good-bye, you just try to garner this kind of tough exterior, so that it’s not hurting you.  The whole time it’s killing you inside… It’s not bitter sweet.  It’s just bitter.”

Emotional End for ‘As the World Turns’ on Emmys

His on-screen love interest Maura West (Carly), who won Outstanding Lead Actress, was as thrilled for her co-star as she was for herself.  “If Michael won, it would have been enough for me. It would have been a great night indeed if my hands were empty and his were golden.”  She went on to discuss how ATWT changed her life. “I was fresh out of college when I got this job.  I met the love of my life [Scott DeFreitas] on this job. We’d S.O.S. each other.  Our dressing rooms were adjoined.  We’d tap to each other when we got to work.  All of my five children I had amongst these people that I’d grown to love. “

ATWT’s Julie Pinson (Janice) won best supporting actress.  It was especially meaningful for her because her husband, actor Billy Warlock, is a past daytime Emmy winner.  “My husband has one already, so they will get to play together.  His will be lonely no more.”   She revealed the depth of her upset about ATWT’s cancellation. “My thoughts on As The World Turns going off the air are not good thoughts. I’m shocked that it happened.  I’m not happy at all.”

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General Hospital’ also won two awards. Julie Marie Berman won Outstanding Leading Actress for the second consecutive year.  Said Berman, “This felt way quicker than last year because we had thirty seconds to digest and get up on stage and talk.  The thing about Vegas, it makes it distracting so you don’t actually have to think about nominations.  So this was a lot easier than last year… I never really thought about it until they announced my category and then my palms started sweating.”  GH won the award for Outstanding Directing for an episode featuring an elaborate car crash at an outdoor carnival.

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