Kristen Stewart’s Own Private Wolfpack

Kristen Stewart showed up on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to plug The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but given her new lighter locks, it looks like she’s washed that Bella right out of her hair – at least for now.

It was a bit of an awkward interview on a couple of fronts. For one, Stewart is always a bit hesitant in interviews, although she’s steadily improving the more she goes through the press tours. For another, it was obvious from the get-go that Dave has very little knowledge of or interest in the Twilight movies (nor should he, really, because sexagenarian guys are hardly the target audience) , which always makes things a bit more strained. He was unaware that there were werewolves in the film until they showed the clip and Dave had to come away and ask what the deal was with the shirtless kid (Taylor Lautner, for the uninitiated).

The height of the weirdness came when they were discussing the fact that her family actually owns wolf-dog hybrids. Dave expressed some flabbergastment (if that’s not a word, it should be) about actually owning wolves, and Kristen explained that it was “my mom’s deal” – which may be in part declaring that Kristen’s mom is on Team Jacob – as any parent would be, given the choice between a lively werewolf kid and having their daughter turned into an undead bloodsucker. But when Dave started detailing his reservations about wolves and their viciousness, Kristen countered by attacking wolf-hunters. You can see that in this clip right here.

[iframe—Kristen-Stewart-s-Pack-of-Wolves/embed 580 476]

You’d think that would’ve given Dave a great segue into mocking his arch-enemy Sarah Palin, but instead he went off on a tangent trying to explain why the wolf population needed to be managed, and Kristen just seemed to decide she wasn’t about to get into an argument about it on a late night show, so she let it slide.

It wasn’t all weirdness, though. Dave asked about Breaking Dawn and how she’s going to become a vampire, joking that “you need somebody to sponsor you” if she’s going to join up with their group, and she quipped back “I hadn’t thought about that. Who do you think? Maybe True Blood will sponsor us! That would be awesome!”

Then, of course, there was a verbal misstep when asked about the press tour, and she said “I was with Taylor on this last one because Rob was working and we were able to have a lot more fun this time.” When the audience laughed at what they took as a dig on Robert Pattinson, she quickly added “That’s not what I meant! That’s so not what I meant! That’s great, that’s great, that’ll follow me around for a while.” Then it happened again when she said that Taylor “likes activity, he’s a really active guy,” which the crowd seemed to take as something dirty and flustered her again. This prompted Dave to say “just let the record show that all I’m doing is sitting here.”

Shortly after that, she mentioned that when they went to Berlin, “he went go-kart racing and I went to the Holocaust Museum. That was incredible for me, and then we went bowling afterwards.” There’s such a dichotomy in those particular activities that it almost begs to have a joke made about it – and Dave seemed to think so, too, judging by the few moments of him obviously wrestling with himself about whether or not he should say what came to mind, but then he opted against whatever it might have been. Kristen seemed to think something was going over her head, and Dave pretty much explained away how weird the conversation was by saying “You’re fine. It’s just me. I should never take weekends off.”

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