Who Should Replace Michael Scott On ‘The Office?’

Steve Carell on The Office (NBC)

Steve Carell on The Office (NBC)

A three year old interview with ‘The Office‘s Mindy Kaling has resurfaced in which she elects Amy Poehler as a Michael Scott replacement if Steve Carell ever decided to depart. Well, that day has been announced. And while we’d love to see Poehler getting paper cuts down in Scranton, there’s one major problem – she’s already playing the female Michael Scott on another NBC  Thursday night comedy, ‘Parks & Recreation.’ Equipped with the knowledge that M. Scott’s Dunder Mifflin days are numbered, we put together a list of who we’d like to see take over as boss:

Ricky Gervais: David Brent, the U.K. inspiration for Michael Scott, is almost too obvious. But brilliantly obvious at that. Imagine everyone’s delight when an exact carbon copy of their former boss arrives, but instead of using the elevator, he takes the lift. Plus, with Gervais already on the American version’s payroll as an executive producer, think about the efficiency for NBC’s HR department!

Paul Rudd: So what if he’s a big movie star? If there’s one thing the aughts have taught us, it’s that film actors are finding a home on the small screen (see: Glenn Close, Alec Baldwin, Toni Collette, Laurence Fishburne – you get the point). The only foreseeable problem here is Rudd’s cuteness factor, which could prove divisive among the likes of Angela and Kelly. Wait – that actually sounds great.

Will Arnett: If Arnett weren’t already signed on for Fox’s fall comedy ‘Running Wilde,’ we’d say he was a shoo-in. No one does Entitled Doofus like Arnett. Not even Carell.

Martin Short: His most recent TV stint was as the dark, corrupt conman “lawyer” Leonard Winstone on ‘Damages,’ but Short’s best work has always been in comedies. We know one thing’s for certain: Oscar would love him. Let’s just hope he doesn’t bring the Jiminy Glick shtick to work.

B.J. Novak: Who cares if he already botched the job once before?  It’s time for a new internal promotion. But only if he promises to never ever go blonde again.

Jason Bateman: Bateman proved with ‘Arrested Developmen’t that he’s excellent at this ‘theater of the awkward’ style single-camera sitcom, and he showed in Mike Judge’s movie ‘Extract’ that he knows how to play a small-town managerial type as well.

Sean Hayes: Hayes would be a perfect corporate gadfly – Stanley’s cousin?- transferred from Greenwich Village. His ambitious façade could melt under culture shock in Scranton – only to be replaced with a Michael-like goofiness after he discovers the staff includes some closeted musical theater fans. (Ahem, Meredith.)

Rob Corddry: Corddry was one of the best correspondents on ‘The Daily Show’ during his time, and since that translated so well into success for both Steve Carell and Ed Helms, it’s time to give the bald guy a chance.

Portia de Rossi: OK, this list is starting to look a little biased with all the ‘Arrested Development’ alums, but there’s a reason for that!  de Rossi’s comedy bonafides have been proven time and time again,  but most recently in her turn as the hilariously aloof corporate manager of Veridian Dynamics who moonlit as a magician’s assistant in the late, lamented ‘Better Off Ted.’  And seriously, isn’t the Scranton branch overdue for a lady manager? Just wait for Pam’s reaction when she develops a massive crush on Jim.

Will Ferrell: Combine one part Mugatu from ‘Zoolander’ with two parts Craig the cheerleader from ‘SNL’ and a dash of Brennan from ‘Step Brothers,’ and the prototype for Dunder Mifflin’s newest chief is already written. You’re welcome, NBC.

What do you think? Who’d you like to see step in for Michael Scott at Dunder Mifflin?

Fancast editors Andy Hunsaker, Julie Zied and Todd Gold contributed to this post.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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