Oprah Winfrey, Though ‘Most Powerful,’ Hits Ratings Low

Oprah suffered ratings low but still most powerful on Forbes list.  (ABC)

Oprah suffered ratings low but still most powerful on Forbes list. (ABC)

Oprah Winfrey topped Forbes’ list of the 100 most powerful celebrities, but guess what?

The mogul who earned more than $300 million last year and announced the end of her long-running daytime talk show has been losing her audience.

Last week, she had the lowest ratings ever in the 24 years of her talk show, according to Nielsen. Granted, her show was in re-runs. But re-runs last year rated higher, according to TV By The Numbers.

“That said, this was no ratings nosedive; viewership has actually been declining for months,” noted the NY Daily News. “The week before, the show received a 3.6 rating, matching its previous all-time low approximately a year ago.

“The media mogul’s talk show is still the No. 1 in TV and was the No. 2 show in syndication for the week. The big concern for Oprah is whether this dip in ratings is just a temporary summer slump, or a sign Winfrey’s dominence is coming to an end.”

So has Oprah lost her mojo? Do fans feel betrayed since she began planning her TV relocation to her OWN network?

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Comments from fans on various websites indicate some viewers were turned off by her support of Barack Obama. Other comments indicate she might have out-grown her mid-American appeal. Still others hint that except for scandals and tell-alls, few guests generate enough interest.

“Her shows are not what they used to be,” a women wrote on the NY Daily News’ site. “She’s a little to full of herself, and that’s not such a good thing.”

“Oprah show topics and guest have been miserable all season,” a fan wrote on the TV Squad. “They weren’t good shows first run and I am not surprised the rerun bites. Horrible guest, horrible topics equal nobody watching.”

With the scramble is on to fill her daytime slot, the question is, maybe it’s un-fillable. What do you think? Has Oprah’s appeal waned? Is she as influential? Can she be replaced? If so, who has the chops?

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