Spurned Wife Elizabeth Edwards Wants to Be Like Sandra Bullock

Elizabeth Edwards Breaks Her Silence on 'Today' (Photo: NBC)

Elizabeth Edwards Breaks Her Silence on 'Today' (Photo: NBC)

Elizabeth Edwards might have experienced a marriage breakup that fed tabloid headlines, but the ex-wife of former Senator John Edwards says she is ready to move on, possibly towards a political career.

Despite the tawdry affair her husband carried on, and the child he fathered with Rielle Hunter, Elizabeth told ‘Today‘s’ Matt Lauer that she married “a marvelous man,” but that he was “no longer the person who I married.”

As for her ex’s mistress, Elizabeth admits to watching Hunter’s recent segment on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ telling Lauer, “I still think this person is so completely unlike me that it’s hard to imagine the same person could marry me and be attracted to that — to that woman, as well.”

Her decision to sit down with Lauer stems from her need to “break free of the media imposed image” that has been placed upon her following the very public breakup and political fallout. “You know, I think about it because so many stories have been in the news recently,” she said before using the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James split as an example. “I assume [Bullock] wants to reclaim who she is in the same way I want to reclaim who I am.”

Ending her marriage to John — the two legally separated earlier this year and are expected to divorce next year — was “a sad and terrifying decision,” according to Elizabeth, but she is now looking towards the future.

“I hope the next time I am on television it’s to talk about some policy I really care about,” she said.

‘Today’ Show Interview: Divorce Marks New Chapter for Elizabeth Edwards

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